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EuroJackpot tips right up to the last minute

With the “last-minute tips”, you are still there even as a late-springer. So you can confidently follow the motto “whoever laughs last, laughs best ”try your luck at the respective EuroJackpot drawing. Official closing date or not!

As a rule of thumb we stick to it: Until Friday evening 18 Watch you can hunt the EuroJackpot without restrictions, between 18 and approx 19.30 Clock you are on the safe side on the Internet and off 20 Clock you can wait for the announcement of the draw results.

We wish you the best of luck this Friday. So that the time you place your tip becomes your very own moment of happiness.

It may take a while after the closing date

Official will be happy 20 Communicated as the EuroJackpot draw time. But this time should only be viewed as a guide. Expressed differently: Latest at 8 In the evening the lottery numbers in Finland should be drawn.

As already indicated, we recommend, As a tipster, to find out about the deadline in advance. When it comes to at least 10 Million euros in the jackpot, after all, you don't want to be late. Again and again we hear stories of unlucky people, who have the correct numbers on the ticket, but missed the closing date. Sometimes it's only a matter of a few seconds.

The respective provider can also determine the "deadline" himself on the Internet. In Lottoland, for example, you can post your tips up to 19 Submit watch. This is convenient and shortly before the gate closes you don't have to worry about waiting times at the acceptance points. But also after 19 Clock, the dream of millions does not have to be over yet.

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