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Days 5-7. Buffalo

Buffalo is a city in the state of New York, located on the shores of one of the Great Lakes - Lake Erie. Buffalo is notable for its architecture, galleries, famous Buffalo chicken wings and close proximity to one of the Wonders of the World - Niagara Falls.

We have selected 3 hotel options in Buffalo:

  • The Delavan Hotel
  • The Mansion on Delaware Avenue
  • The Westin Buffalo


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The city has remarkably preserved ancient architecture. In the Allentown area, see Tiffts Row, seven buildings on Allen Street, дом Вильяма Дорсхаймера на Делавэр-авеню и бывшее здание католического института на углу улиц Вирджиния и Мэйн.

Not far from Delaware Avenue is the richest neighborhood in the city - Bryant. The most expensive houses in the city are located here.. Look at the Butler Mansion, mansion Clement, Richmond Lockwood House and the home of Charles W. Goodyer. Сейчас многие из домов в этом районе отданы под офисы и принадлежат компаниям и организациям.

Parkside is another neighborhood, noteworthy. It has preserved the architecture of houses from the 1890s to the 1920s..

Delaware Park

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This is the largest park with lawns in the city., shady alleys and lake. Here the locals walk, picnics and sports. Look at the Rose Garden, Japanese Garden or visit the Buffalo Zoo.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is a complex of stunning cascades on the Niagara River. The waterfalls reach a height 53 meters, and in width - about 800 meters. A national park in the United States has trails and observation decks with breathtaking views. Explore the Green Islands, Goat и Three Sisters, which are connected by bridges, построенными над рекой и её порогами.

The park offers visitors a helicopter flight over the waterfall, visit to the Cave of Winds, круиз к водопадам на лодке и другие экскурсионные программы.

How to get there: drive north. Travel time - approx. 30 minutes. Также вы можете воспользоваться автобусом №40.

Day 7. Moving to Chicago

On the morning of the seventh day of the journey, travel to Chicago. Take I-90 W along Lake Erie. The path will take approximately 8 hours.

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