How to play euromillions

How to play euromillions

What are euromillions numbers for Friday

Have you already heard of results since the 24th of May?
Results for Friday are 5 16 23 30 49 6 7. The prize was € 56,397,248.00.

Since there was no winner there was roll over. This means
that if there was no winner at least the main prize increased.

Therefore, the prize fun amount amounted to € 0.00 since none of the players managed to guess five main and two additional numbers.

The only thing left is to continue to play further in order to increase your chances.

You may eventually get an answer to the question of how much you made on the euromillions.

Quick pick

Earlier it was mentioned that online playing has several
advantages. In addition to having access to all information with just one key
selection, you can also decide how to choose numbers.

In other words, you will not have to select them by
yourself. Instead, you can leave everything to the system known as a quick

For instance, if you choose this option you will not have to
think which numbers to choose for your winning combination because the system
will randomly choose.

There are also players who don’t want to bother with various
combinations and also track numerous results.

Instead, they want to do everything in a matter of seconds
and hope for the best. However, everything depends on whether you believe in
randomly selected numbers.

For instance, did you know that among the randomly selected numbers there is a pattern that you can cope with? Finally, it all depends on how lucky you are and how much time you have at your disposal.

As a result of dialing between several different modes, each
player has the opportunity to increase the chances of winning one of the

If you don’t want to pick a quick pick because you think you
can do it much better, it’s time to choose the method with which you will guess
the winning combination of numbers.

First of all, you need to check out what are hot numbers.
After that, you can consider selecting numbers according to the calendar.

For example, if you have an important date, include the
numbers from that date. However, don’t forget that date numbers cover from 1 to

Since this game includes numbers from 1 to 50, consider
including some high numbers as well.

Finally, precisely because of such cases, many experts agree
that it is best to combine several different methods.

If you succeed in winning up to $ 2,500, the money will be immediately transferred to your account.

However, everything related to paying taxes will depend on the country you live in.

In other words, you will have to submit to the laws of your country.

Playing Online

Playing online has become increasingly popular as it offers a number of advantages over buying a ticket from a retailer. For example, once you purchase your entries online, they are then stored in your account and cannot be lost, stolen or damaged unlike paper tickets. Plus you will be notified if you win, so you don’t even need to check the results.

If you’d like to play online, visit the EuroMillions Online page to get started.

Direct Debits

Another advantage of entering online is that National Lottery players can enter their lines on a continuous basis to ensure they never miss a draw. To set up a Direct Debit, follow these steps:

  • Step1

    Fill out an online playslip
    Select your numbers, how many lines you wish to play and whether you want to take part in the Tuesday draw, the Friday draw, or both.

  • Step2

    Choose to play ‘continuously by Direct Debit’
    Rather than selecting the option to enter for a set number of weeks.

  • Step3

    Submit your bank sort code and account number

The Direct Debit will take about four weeks to begin and you will then be entered automatically into your chosen draws. You will get a different Millionaire Maker entry for each draw.

You can make changes to your personal details, the numbers you want to use or the draws you wish to enter at any time by going to your account.


Yes, you can play the game online from anywhere in the world on theLotter. You don’t have to be in a EuroMillions country to play. All you have to do is log in and you can play online.

Until what time can you play EuroMillions?

You can play the game up until the cutoff time, which is 20:30 HONOR. That’s just 15 minutes before the draw takes place. If you’re playing online, remember that you can only play up until a few hours before the draw.

How many countries play the EuroMillions?

The EuroMillions is a pan-European lottery played in nine countries – Austria, Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

Can you play EuroMillions in advance?

Yes, you can. On theLotter, you can opt for a Multi-Draw package, which gets you in the game for the following draws (you choose how many) or you can choose a subscription to make sure you don’t miss another draw.

Can I Claim Prizes Won Abroad?

In the same way that there are no barriers to playing in another country, there are also no restrictions on claiming prizes in a different nation. However, there are a couple of things to consider.

You can only claim prizes in the country in which you bought your ticket. This means that, if you play lines in a draw that takes place after you return home, you would have to fly back to your holiday destination to pick up the cash. This will be fine if you win the multimillion-Euro jackpot, but is certainly not cost-effective if you are due a €5.30 payout.

Secondly, three of the EuroMillions nations tax their winners, which might be a surprise if you usually play in a country that doesn’t. Portugal, Spain and Switzerland withhold sums over certain values on EuroMillions prizes, and you can find out more on the Playing Abroad page.

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