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The future of gambling in Norway

The Norwegian gambling business has come a long way: if in the 1950s gambling in Norway was considered something of a vulgarity, then Norway is currently in third place in Europe in terms of the development of gambling. But what will happen next?

While, when a country's government justifies its draconian legislation by combating gambling addiction, the general consensus among the public is, that the hard approach doesn't work. This is confirmed by research data..

Arguments are given, that while real gamers will always find a way to break the laws, the government with its bans punishes all citizens of Norway because of the problems of a small minority. In this regard, new restrictive laws may have the opposite effect to the intended, pushing players into illegal activities. And the Norwegian government, by the way, planned to start blocking IP addresses of foreign gambling sites! but, given the mood in society, him, looks like, will have to reconsider your strategy. Lawmakers have already made it clear to the Norwegians, что в один прекрасный день они могут открыть игровой рынок для конкуренции и позволить иностранным операторам честно конкурировать с государственными операторами и платить налоги в Норвегии.

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