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Can I play VikingLotto on the Internet?

As in most other foreign
lotteries, to buy a Viking Lotto ticket, personal presence of the player is required.
I.e, he must arrive in one of the countries, participating in the lottery, and at the kiosk
or the office of the organizing company, purchase a lottery ticket.

Besides, Not everyone
Viking Lotto intermediary sites are bona fide, therefore the player
you yourself have to take full responsibility and in some
cases, he may come across fraudulent sites

So treat
third-party sites, offering to purchase Vikinglotto tickets, necessary with all

Monopolization of slots

Beginning with 1990 years in Norway there was a very liberal legislation regarding slot machines. Private operators could post them in public places, such as grocery stores, bars, hotels, gas stations.

IN 2001 and 2004 years, the gross turnover from slot machines was 9 billion and 26 billion NOK respectively. It was a huge increase in comparison with 1990 year, when the turnover was only 200 million crowns. IN 2004 year slot machines brought 64% from the gross turnover of the entire gaming business in Norway.

IN 2002 year, the authorities began work to limit slots, and in 2003 the Norwegian parliament granted the exclusive right to use slot machines in Norway to the state-owned company Norsk Tipping. This law came into force with 2007 years and with the condition, that the profit received will be directed to charity. Profit from slots is an important source of income for sports teams, humanitarian organizations and other organizations of this kind. The Norwegian authorities cited the desire to prevent and combat gambling addiction through better enforcement of age limits and better market surveillance as the main rationale for creating this monopoly..

IN 2008 year Norsk Tipping replaced all old slot machines with MULTIX slots, in which the game is strictly regulated and limited. So, to play the Norwegian version of the slot machine, you need to be no younger 18 years old, have a player account, ID and credit card – MULTIX slots do not accept cash. The player cannot lose more $75 per day or more $400 per month. After an hour of play, the player will be urged to take an hour break. The maximum bet is about $10, and the maximum win – near $300. All data from MULTIX slots is stored in the Norsk Tipping datastore, including:

  • Player ID, his age, floor, address and phone number;
  • game date;
  • how many game tickets the player purchased;
  • how much prize money was paid to him;
  • how much time has passed since the last game;
  • where exactly the game tickets were bought;
  • won or lost the player.

Today in Norway there are about 1200 places to play (mostly special kiosks), in which a total of 2750 Multix slots.

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