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Lottery winnings taxes

Up to 2013 year, all winnings in the national draws in Spain were tax-free. However, with the onset of the crisis, much in the world, and accordingly in this country, changed, so from the very first day 2013 year taxes were still introduced here. But there are rules and exceptions here too., eg, tax on prize money less 2,5 the state will not have to pay thousands of euros. However, if this amount exceeds 2,5 thousand, for the good of the country will need to be left 20 percent of it. This is the interest rate in Spain, and participating in online lotteries, lucky ones, who won a considerable amount regardless of the state, where they live, will have these 20 pay interest.


The main problem for the players is, that just 2-3% players are "in the black" at a distance, and tax collection on winnings, this is especially true for the option of holding 13% from every winning bet, makes the task of bettors even more difficult (do not forget about overcoming the bookmaker's margin). Representatives of the betting business understand this too., interested in, to attract players from offshore companies

The "rules of the game" in the bookmaker market have not yet settled, law enforcement practice is small and hopefully, that legislators will take into account the interests of all stakeholders

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