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Dividend tax

Dividend, received in the USA, subject to tax. They can be taxed as part of the Income Tax return, ie. as part of income. The tax rate is up to 37% в зависимости от общей суммы валового дохода и от семейного статуса налогоплательщика.

However, there is an option to tax dividends at reduced rates.. This is only possible in cases, when it comes to qualified dividends (this includes, eg, company dividends, whose shares are freely traded on major American exchanges). The tax rate will be 0, 15 or 20% depending on the amount of income.

The situation should be considered separately., when dividends are paid in a non-traditional way (in the form of funds), and by additional issue of shares. In this case, the shareholder has two options.: sell additional shares or leave them counting on the growth of quotations. Upon sale, you will need to pay income or asset gains tax. But in the case, if the shares will be added to the securities portfolio, they will not be taxed at all.

What does US income tax consist of?

U.S. taxes consist of
federal, state and local taxes. The first, how difficult it is
guess, all residents of the country pay, the second - residents of specific states,
still others - people from certain cities and districts. Local and state taxes
may be absent, but the federal will have to pay anyway. So that,
if you hear, pier, Texas cowboys do not pay income taxes, this is
means only that, that the state itself does not levy income tax. The IRS is not about you
will forget. Although it's fair to say, what of the income of cowboys
turn out much less, than, eg, poor Californians.

Well, now let's delve into
legislative jungle and deal with some of the features of the American
taxation. Let's start with the good news - only a fraction of what is taxed in the US
annual wages (the tax base). For every citizen - in
income dependence, marital status and other factors - there are
special tax deductions. for instance, bachelor, dependents, may be not
платить налог как минимум с $ 10 000
from your annual income.

Additional bonuses can be obtained for paid health insurance, work in military structures, rental property, teaching children ... Yes, a lot for what else. There are so many tax deductions in the USA, that I even had to come up with the profession of a tax consultant. In the matter of honest tax evasion, this is an invaluable specialist., which will help you save well and take some of this saved for itself. And the first tip, which he will give, - never throw out checks, accounts, contracts and agreements. It is on their basis that most of the tax deductions are formed..

From the good news, let's move on to
information is not so rosy. The thing is, what is US income tax
not only wages are taxed, but also any other income:

  • presents,
  • lottery or casino winnings,
  • dividends,
  • heritage,
  • part-time income
  • and even a tip.

Rates and rules of accrual
taxes on these categories of income are different - so here it is also better to use
with the help of a cunning tax advisor.

Income tax (Income Tax)

Any income of an individual is taxable.. Income tax in America (Income Tax) covers income:

IN 43 states have Income Tax from individuals. The maximum rate reaches 13,3% (in California), the minimum is at the level 2,9% (in North Dakota).

Employment-related (salary, prizes, compensation payments, bonuses),

From owning capital and property (interest, dividends, rent),

Capital gains (when selling real estate, land plots, corporate rights),

Self-employed persons (when self-employed).

The taxable base is adjusted for the amount of allowable deductions and benefits (training costs, for medical care, in connection with moving to a new area, charity expenses, credit for the elderly and disabled, etc.)

This is followed by the definition of a non-taxable minimum. It depends on the family (social) payer status (eg, single resident or married, general declaration from spouses or two separate, widow (widower) with baby, the main breadwinner of the family, etc.). So, for lonely persons up to 65 years, this minimum is 12,2 thousand. dollars. in year; for spouses, who jointly file a declaration, it's already 24,4 thousand. dollars. etc.

Next, the rate is determined (at the federal level it is progressive). for instance, for an unmarried young man with an income in 75000 dollars, income tax in the United States will be calculated at a rate of 22%.

Self-computing is rarely used in everyday life., there are special tables, programs and expert advice.

Income Tax can be paid in two ways: the employer withholds the amount until salary is paid or the employee receives full salary, and the tax pays itself during the year.

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