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A story of triumph

The first American lottery was held in Virginia in 1612 year. New entertainment quickly caught on, since the annual income of the colonists from it was 8000 pounds. Besides, the lottery turned out to be the simplest and most effective way to raise funds to finance the army, schools, hospitals, shelters, all types of public works. Therefore, up to 1860 years social sphere 24 states of America developed largely thanks to profits from lotteries - so popular were the cash draws.

However, American lotteries soon got out of hand.: the scale of corruption was appalling. Many states have banned these games.. Only Louisiana did not give up in the face of difficulties: during 25 years monthly revenue from its lottery up to 2 million dollars served as an additional item to replenish the state budget. The ban was lifted only in 1964 year in New Hampshire, and already in 1980 half of the American states revived the lottery.

And the winner is ... anyone!

Today, state lotteries are an important source of income for local governments.. Traditionally, the proceeds go to public needs: environmental protection (Arizona), education (California, Georgia and Florida), спорт (Maryland), health and care for the elderly (Pennsylvania), culture and assistance to army veterans (Kentucky). Only for the last 40 years the social sphere of America received from lotteries over 200 billion dollars.

To date, registered 50 lotteries in 39 states. However, each state has only one lottery: games can be played, but their organization is entrusted to a single company.

All American number lotteries are established by government commissions, state government appointed.

Hence - absolute legality and guaranteed payment of winnings as US citizens, and foreigners.

There are also so-called interstate lotteries - simultaneous jackpot draws in several states. Such lotteries include, eg, Powerball.

Powerball tops the list of American lotteries in scale. It is held in 30 states and has a starting jackpot in 15 million dollars.

The largest jackpot in American lottery history is 390 million dollars - "ripped off" in March 2007 New Jersey's spouse Elaine and Harold Messner and Georgia truck driver Ed Neibors in the Mega Millions. Previously, the biggest lottery winnings went to 2006 about eight years old workers from Nebraska, who received the Powerball lottery 365 million dollars. And such huge amounts of jackpots are far from uncommon in US lotteries.. The reason lies in their great popularity and the huge number of participants..

So, in 2001 year on average 157 dollars in the lottery played by every American. IN 2003 year, the total turnover of the US lottery business amounted to almost 40 billion dollars.

This is about a quarter of the global lottery market.

These numbers are not surprising, after all, throughout the history of the lottery of America, they have demonstrated their high social potential: one side, they give a chance to the poor (by American standards) people, who make up the vast majority of players in mass lotteries, on the other hand, they provide funding for public national projects, for which there are insufficient or no funds in the state budget.

Today the number of players is increasing tenfold - thanks to, that there are American Internet lotteries.

After all, the law does not prohibit participation in lotteries of foreign citizens.

It means, that anyone can buy a ticket to many of the most popular Internet lotteries in the USA and win the jackpot.

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