How to get a us green card in 2020 year

Green card: benefits and obligations - second wind

Benefits of American Citizenship

Life without worries, isn't it a dream? But everyone wants to live in conditions of wealth, beauty, that is the american dream. And where, no matter how in America you can find this dream? But how to get US citizenship? We will learn about this below.. Now let's talk about, what are the possibilities of obtaining a US passport.

1. Unlimited travel
Americans can, in a visa-free regime or with a visa on the spot, visit 172 states around the world. You want to have this kind of freedom? Plus the level of salaries is much higher! What else do you need for full travel?

2. Military duty
There is no military duty to the state on the territory of the States. For most countries in the world, Americans have the right not to join the army. This is a wonderful opportunity for men to feel free..

3. Образование
The cost of education for Americans is almost half the price, rather than for immigrants. Just imagine, that having received the status of an American, you lose additional costs.

4. Social guarantees
All Americans enjoy privileges and benefits. Even if the family is not doing well, government helps in all aspects of life:

  • HUD - help with housing
  • Subsidized Child Care - preferential kindergarten
  • Workers’ Compensation (unemployment benefits)
  • Social Security Disability (social. disability insurance)
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (American Discount Grocery Program)
  • Medicaid (Health care)
  • Medicare (Health insurance)

5. Loans
To pay children for education, it is not necessary to "plow" for several years at a difficult job. American economy has developed a loyal unsecured lending system.

How to win a green card?

FROM 1990 a special lottery is held, the prize in which is the Green Card. This program was designed to give people a chance to move to America, for which other methods are not available, and in this way diversify the migration flow. Quota - 55 thousand. Green Card. One participating country can claim no more than 3850 cards (7%).The list of states is adjusted annually. If over the past five years, more than 50 thousand. person, then she will not participate in the next green card draw.

It is very simple to become a participant in the competition and a possible winner - you need to fill out a questionnaire on the official portal The application is absolutely free and there are minimal requirements for the applicant. An adult citizen of the state can take part in the green card drawing, admitted to the lottery, with at least secondary education. If education is lower, then work experience for the last 5 must be at least two years old (professions are considered, requiring a minimum of two years of study).

Happy Green Card owner move quickly to the USA, no matter how much you want, will not work - the pass will be issued no earlier, than through 18 months after the draw. Before that, you will need to prepare an impressive package of documents, get a medical report on the state of health, pay the Consular fee and come to the Embassy for an interview. The final result will depend on the correctness of these points.. After all, winning the Green Lottery is not a guarantee of a pass to America.

Competition computerized - special program, a way to select random numbers, conducts a drawing. People participate in the lottery only at the stage of verification of submitted applications. Applications are accepted from early October to early November. The results are published on the official website in May of the year following the lottery., and they will be available for a year and four months. It is necessary to check the result personally - not by email, no message will be sent to the mailing address. Notification of applicants is not the responsibility of the organizers of the draw.

How to fill out a questionnaire: General requirements

Filling out the questionnaire must be approached very responsibly, after all, the slightest error in the data provided automatically gives the right to disqualify the applicant. The questionnaire is filled in English. If knowledge of the language is insufficient, then you should protect yourself and ask for help from a person, who knows him at a sufficient level.

Many applications for the Green Card are rejected due to non-compliance with the requirements of the photo, which must be attached to the questionnaire. The photograph is submitted in jpg format with a resolution of 600 on 600 pixels. This is the first rule. Others look like this:

  • Background field - plain light;
  • Clothes - regular. It is forbidden to take photos in military equipment, clothes, denoting religious affiliation, and in a headdress;
  • Face - no smile and no expression of any other emotion. No less 50% the image area should be occupied by the head.

Besides, if any image adjustment is detected (retouching, photoshop, etc.. P.), then this will be considered a violation and the questionnaire will be removed from consideration.

Uninterrupted access to the Internet will be important when filling out the Green Card application form.. Otherwise it may turn out, that the application went through twice, and this is unacceptable.

Spouses can submit two applications - from each personal. This will increase the likelihood of winning.. If a person was born in a state, which did not make it to the lottery list, then you can apply for a Green Card when:

  • The applicant's spouse's home country is the participating country;
  • The applicant's parents are from the country, participating in the lottery.

Карта США позволит победителю въехать в страну вместе с семьей. They can go with him: husband / wife and minors (according to American standards) unmarried / unmarried children. In this case, the place of birth of family members does not matter.

What it is

Greencard to America in 2019 Is a universal document for entering the American zone. It is issued by the consulate in just a few days., if the papers have already been translated and scanned. Issued without a specific period, equates your rights to the rights of a citizen of the state.

Deciding to buy a US green card at a low price, you get the following features:

  1. At any time convenient for you, enter the territory of America and stay there longer 3-4 months.
  2. Live in the USA for several years, improve the knowledge of the language and obtain the citizenship of the country.
  3. Study on a contract or budget (at the expense of the university itself) based in local universities or schools.
  4. Work. Obtaining a green card gives you the right to hold any position without paying a migration fee and duty.
  5. Open your business. In the future, you will be able to invest personal funds in the country's economy.
  6. Get retirement benefits. To be eligible for social security, it is not necessary to work in America - it is enough to live there for at least a few years.
  7. Become a full-fledged citizen of the state and give citizenship to your soulmate, children.
  8. Get official insurance, medical policy, qualify for free care at local hospitals.
  9. Travel in peace across America, and also visit several neighboring countries, with whom an agreement was concluded.
  10. It is legal to pay taxes to the state treasury, earning a future retirement experience.
  11. Receive certain tax discounts for future migrant status.

To become a full citizen of the state, just apply for a US green card with delivery. If you are lucky, you can win the lottery absolutely free.

Mechanism for obtaining US citizenship

If the applicant is going to become a citizen through the naturalization procedure, he must live in the country at least 5 years old. In this case, he must issue a residence permit or residence permit and issue a Green Card. Being married, this period is reduced to 3 years old. The mechanism for obtaining an American passport is actually quite simple and straightforward.. To start, a person must stay in the country for half of the above period. So he will be able to maintain the status of a resident of America. If he is outside the United States for more than six months without significant reasons, the calculation period ends and starts again after, how will he return to the states.

Submitting a petition

An important part of the procedure is filing a petition. Petition, оно же заявление или анкета для натурализации подается в Службу гражданства и иммиграции США (USCIS), она же форма N-400

In it, the applicant declares, that he wants to live permanently in the United States and assumes all rights, duties of a citizen. Sure, the authorities may question whether, that the applicant's intentions are really sincere. Therefore, he undergoes various procedures, starting from the interview, ending with the collection of fingerprints for a criminal past. The petition is filed with the government agency of that state, where the person lives. He must be here on a permanent basis at least 3 months.

For, to fill out an application, you will need knowledge of English. But, if you are preparing for an interview, for sure, you have it. A few tips on how, what NOT to do. Don't complete the part:

  • 16 until that moment, until a State Department official tells you so.
  • 17, until you are asked to relinquish inheritance or other birthright.
  • 18 until that moment, until you declare your readiness to serve America and follow its laws.

All these points are supported by a signature and date..

Fingerprinting or taking your fingerprints

Fingerprinting is not new to those, who has already received a biometric passport. There is absolutely nothing difficult about it.. But, in America, this procedure is also paid. The costs for it are borne by, Naturally an applicant for registration of citizenship. Fingerprinting is necessary to, for the applicant to be driven through the FBI base for a criminal record.

Required documentation

In addition to form No. 400, such a package of documents is submitted to state bodies:

  • Green card;
  • 2 photos of the established sample;
  • Receipt for payment of all duties.

The photo must be sized 5 on 5, printed on thin paper.


At the interview, the official finds out for himself, whether the applicant has high moral qualities, does his behavior meet moral standards, suitable for American society.

Any offense, committed in the past, may cause rejection. Topics, who had a criminal record, citizenship, often, do not give. During the interview, it turns out, has the applicant submitted false information about himself. His knowledge as written is also tested, and spoken English. He may be asked to write a few words or sentences in order to, to determine the level.

More, Americans respect their history. Therefore, any applicant for citizenship must have at least minimal knowledge. The device of the country also needs to be studied. Indeed, at any unexpected moment, an official may ask about, what is the longest river in America and other similar information.

Taking the oath

After the interview (if it, sure, was lucky), the applicant is assigned the date of taking the oath. On its passage, he is already considered an American citizen. All that remains is to issue a passport. Behind the judge, the man repeats the words of the oath of allegiance to the country.

Waiting times and accommodation

The waiting time depends on, when you are scheduled for an interview. Everything goes pretty quickly up to this point.. But the job seeker can wait from a week to several months. All this time the applicant must live in the state, to whose authorities the application was submitted.

Possible reasons for refusal

Citizenship applications may be rejected. Often plays a role:

  1. Perfect offense;
  2. Outstanding conviction;
  3. Fake information, indicated at the interview or when filling out the questionnaire;
  4. Tax avoidance;
  5. Illegal entry into the country;
  6. Dodging military service;
  7. Participation in terrorist organizations.

I.e, the applicant must not have problems with the law in the past and present, lie about yourself or your family.

Life after winning a green card

In America, as in all developed countries, migrants can apply for benefits. But, According to experienced green cards, they will not provide you with a comfortable existence all the time. Have to look for work and, perhaps, not the highest paid at first. It all depends on your qualifications and knowledge of the language. Although English is not required to win the lottery, but you need to find a high-paying job.

With regard to pensions, then migrants, who have a green card, can receive it, if you worked in America 10 years old. A green card also enables you to get a loan, arrange children for school or kindergarten. Moreover, first time, until you find a job, you can be given food stamps.

However, in addition to the opportunity to live in the United States, migrants with a card will have responsibilities. The first is taxes. When you move, you fill out a tax return. If you don't pay taxes, the green card of America will simply be taken away. Basically, in this country, migrants can be deprived of their right to permanent residence even with any administrative violation. So man, who came to America by lottery, can feel bird's-eye. Study carefully, what can, and what not to do in America. A serious offense is sexual assault. Any compliment, voiced about beauty, but misinterpreted, can bring you a bunch of problems. However, any insult to the identity of an American resident can result in the loss of your green card on the basis of the law.

Important to remember, that although the card is valid indefinitely, it needs to be changed every 10 years old. Children need to change their document upon reaching the age of 14

By the way, if you are male and aged 19-26 years old, in Russia, you can fall under criminal liability for not bearing military responsibility. Therefore, when moving, you need to inform the migration services of Russia about this..

When moving to America, think, how much are you waiting for at first, until you find a job. How much money do you need, largely depends on the city and on the type of housing, which you wish to film. for instance, in Miami, a studio apartment will be released in $1300, but you can find cheaper. For food per month will be required from $90 to $150 average, depending on which store to buy it. Refueling the car per month - $30. After you settle down and get a job, you can think about buying a home on credit.

Before, how to fill out a form on the green card of America, find out, why do you want to do this. It often happens like this, that the person who won the visa refuses the card for fear of a new life in America and does not give a chance to go there, who really wants to live in the USA.

If you win, do not rush to quit your job in Russia, sell real estate and car, without passing an interview at the consulate, where can a refusal wait?.

Every city in America has Russian districts, therefore, for help and advice, you can turn to compatriots.

What to do if you win?

Winnings green card lottery still means, that the participant will have a lot of trouble to, to get a visa. Indeed, in case of victory in the lottery green card, the contestant will have further registration.

The procedure consists of a few simple steps:

  • submission of a questionnaire in the established form (DS-260);
  • collection of additional documents;
  • passing a medical examination and interview.

Form DS-260

To 2014 of the year, all the winners of the drawing filled out two types of questionnaires - DS-230 and DSP-122. But due to the related organizational issues, all winners must submit a DS-260 questionnaire.

Сделать это можно онлайн на сайте консульского центра электронных заявлений.

Процедура следующая:

  1. Победитель должен открыть сайт и ввести код, полученный после выигрыша.
  2. Нажать Continue.
  3. Далее нужно указать дату рождения и свой статус (Applicant — Заявитель). Нажать Continue.
  4. Затем для оформления анкеты на новой странице нажать Not Started.

После этого конкурсант записывается на собеседование в ближайшем американском консульстве и указывает личные данные.

Информация стандартная – ФИО, citizenship, семейное положение, наличие детей и т.д. Обязательно указываются контактные данные.

Важный блок анкеты – это предоставление сведений о месте проживания в США. У победителя лотереи грин кард должен быть человек, способный принять его после приезда (или как минимум, место жительства).

Еще один важный момент – это информация о предыдущих поездках в США. Если они были, нужно указать все очень подробно – даты, реквизиты документов, цель поездки.

Анкета включает и раздел о состоянии здоровья и правонарушениях:

  1. В первом случае придется указать наличие прививок, которые требуются для США. Здесь лучше честно сообщить, что было сделано, а что нет. Во время медосмотра все нужные процедуры все равно придется пройти.
  2. Раздел о правонарушениях состоит из нескольких частей, включая нарушение иммиграционного законодательства.

После заполнения анкеты нужно указать свой код и отправить информацию на проверку.

Если у вас остались вопросы по нюансам заполнения формы DS-260, смотрите следующую видеоинструкцию:

Подготовка и подача документов

Следующий этап, который придется пройти победителю лотереи грин кард 2020 of the year, заключается в подготовке документов. К основным относят:

  • паспорт;
  • документы об образовании и стаже работы;
  • birth certificates, o brake;
  • результаты медкомиссии (конверт должен быть запечатанным);
  • военный билет, справка об отсутствии судимости.

При необходимости победитель должен будет предъявить документы об усыновлении, бумаги о праве собственности на недвижимость, справку о состоянии банковского счета.

Стоимость оформления

Консульский сбор победителю нужно оплатить обязательно. Грин карта для одного человека обойдется приблизительно в 330 dollars.

Если едет супруг или дети, то за каждого из них нужно платить отдельно.

Медосмотр и собеседование

Медицинское обследование победитель проходит только в аккредитованном американским консульством учреждении. В России такая больница есть только в Москве.

Как только все документы будут на руках, можно отправляться на собеседование. Это последний этап, который необходимо пройти будущему владельцу грин карты в США по результатам лотереи.

Интервью проходит на английском языке. И в первую очередь консула интересуют следующие вопросы:

  • род деятельности заявителя;
  • чем он собирается заниматься в США.

Besides, консул часто задает вопросы из анкеты, поэтому важно отвечать правильно. Любая неточность, даже произошедшая по причине забывчивости, будет расценена не в пользу заявителя

Способы получения

Законодательством предусмотрено пять вариантов, как получить Грин карту в США.

1.Бракосочетание. Официальное бракосочетание с гражданином Америки дает право хлопотать о выдаче карты постоянного жителя. Но условия получения Грин-разрешения по этой категории достаточно строги. USCIS (Служба Гражданства и Миграции) очень придирчиво изучает всех претендентов. Поэтому фиктивный брак не пройдет. Ведь необходимо будет представить доказательства совместного проживания и ведения хозяйства. Это могут быть общие банковские счета, имущество, to- и послесвадебные снимки, счета за коммунальные услуги, распечатки телефонных звонков и другие бумаги, дающие основания считать брак реальным.

2.Объединение семьи. Ходатайствовать о выдаче Грин карты можно, если близкий родственник – гражданин США. Претендентами могут выступать муж/жена (официальные, не гражданские), children, не достигшие совершеннолетия по американскому законодательству (21 year). Подавать прошение могут родители гражданина Штатов и родные братья и сестры, come of age. Оформить Зеленую карту имеет право вдова американского подданного.

3.Трудоустройство. Этот способ получения Green Card доступен для работников, оформивших визу H1B. Получение вида на жительство в США возможно и для инвесторов, которые желают жить и вести бизнес в этой стране. Дают право ходатайствовать о «зеленом» разрешении инвестиции в размере от 0,5 million. dollars.

Для этого необходимо вложить в экономику не менее 500 thousand. dollars.

4.Статус беженца. Обратившись в соответствующие американские органы либо в любое Посольство, находящееся на территории другой страны, можно получить беженский статус. Но приобрести политическое убежище и Green Card можно лишь после предоставления веских доказательств, что на родине человека преследуют за убеждения, сексуальную, расовую или религиозную принадлежность.

5.Диверсификационная лотерея. Целью мероприятия является розыгрыш Грин карт. Как выиграть – рассмотрим ниже.

Какие документы нужны после выигрыша?

Если вы увидели заветное You are among those randomly selected for further processing, congratulations! Однако не время расслабляться, пора собираться документы и готовиться к интервью.

Для начала заполните анкету DV-260. Ее необходимо заполнить на всех членов семьи, которые тоже будут получать визы. Визу имеют право получить супруги и дети до 21 of the year, не состоящие в браке.

Если после подачи заявки на участие состав членов семьи изменился, то необходимо заполнять анкету на нынешний состав. Если за это время появился супруг, то будьте готовы ответить на самые необычные вопросы о своей второй половине на интервью. Вас будут проверять на фиктивность брака. Если интервьюер засомневается, получите пожизненный запрет на въезд в США.

После получения анкеты Kentucky Consular Center ставит счастливчиков в очередь на интервью. Запаситесь терпением. Интервью проводятся в течение следующего года: from 1 October 2019 by 30 september 2020. Именно к этому моменту и должен быть собран пакет документов.

Основные документы для получения грин карты:

К основным документам относятся те, которые в безусловном порядке требуются победителю и членам его семьи, получающим визы:

  • Паспорта, действительные минимум 6 месяцев после даты интервью – на всех членов семьи;
  • Документы, подтверждающие достаточный уровень образования или стажа – только для победителя;
  • Свидетельства о рождении – на всех;
  • Свидетельство о браке (если победитель состоит в браке);
  • Document, подтверждающий расторжение брака (если победитель в разводе);
  • Военный билет или документ, его заменяющий – на всех мужчин старше 18 years old;
  • Справки о наличии (отсутствии) судимости из всех стран (включая страну нынешнего проживания), где после достижения 16 лет вы находились суммарно свыше 6 months;
  • Результаты медкомиссии в запечатанном конверте – для всех запрашивающих визу (здесь можно ознакомиться со списком уполномоченных медицинских центров).

В некоторых случаях пакет документов может быть расширен. С дополнительными перечнем документов можно ознакомиться здесь.

Часто на интервью сотрудник консульства может заинтересоваться финансовой состоятельностью запрашивающих зеленую карту. На этот случай подготовьте справки из банков, подтверждающие наличие средств на счетах, documents, подтверждающие право собственности на недвижимость, приглашение на работу от американского работодателя (Job Offer) или поручительство, сделанное по специальной форме.

После успешного прохождения интервью иммиграционная виза выдается на следующий день. Виза дается на 6 months. В течение этого времени победитель должен прибыть в США за заветной зеленой картой.

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