Green card: benefits and obligations

Chances of winning the Green Card Lottery

Drawn annually 50000 "Green cards" through the visa lottery program. Nonetheless, the system usually selects twice as many people, потому что некоторым из них отказывают в визе по причине несоответствия основным требованиям. На одну страну разрешено начислять не более 7% visas of the total (i.e, no more 3500).

There are additional restrictions for individual continents, therefore, the chances of victory among residents of different countries will differ.

According to Wikipedia, the odds of Europeans in previous lotteries were as follows:

  • DV-2007 — 1,26%
  • DV-2008 — 1,85%
  • DV-2009 — 1,94%
  • DV-2010 — 2,10%
  • DV-2011 1,75%
  • DV-2012 — 1,63%

In this way, winning the Green Card draw is more real in terms of probability theory, чем победа в обычной лотерее. Вы должны знать, that winning the Diversity Visa Lottery Program does not automatically mean an immigrant visa.

It is worth noting, what with 2014 year began another wave of immigration to the United States. Young people, понимая, that in the countries of the former USSR, the prospects for personal and financial development are becoming more and more vague, looking for their happiness abroad. AND, unfortunately those, who plans to participate in future lotteries, chances decrease every year.

Chances of getting an immigrant visa

For the reason, what the lottery system chooses in 2 times more winners, than the stipulated visa limit, not every winner will end up with a Green Card. May happen, what, despite winning, the person will not even be invited to an interview with the consul, because the visa limit for his country or region has been exhausted.

To apply for a Green Card, two conditions are required: get Case Number (number, which confirms your right to apply for a visa) and collect all the necessary documents for moving to the USA. Europeans have this chance 50%. In other words, if you won the lottery, there is a 50% chance that, that you immigrate to the United States.

How to increase your chances of winning?

  1. If you have a spouse, ask her / him to register in the program too. This will double the chances.
  2. At the preparatory stage (filling out a form, sending confirmation) don't make mistakes, which may lead to exclusion from the lottery.

Caution, scammers! Если вы в сети встретите компании или людей, offering to increase the chances of getting a green card, or fill out a form for you, taking money for it, then feel free to stop communicating with them. It's in 99.99% cases scammers, which will not increase your chances in any way, and may even make it worse


check in

Anyone can do it, by going to a special site, after reading the initial information and going to the electronic form of the questionnaire:

This year, you can apply for the drawing 2021 of the year:

  • begining: 03.10.2018, in 12:00 (Eastern time)
  • ending: 07.11.2018.


The only officially voiced condition is civil loyalty and complete law-abidingness of the applicant. Man shouldn't, from the point of view of the US authorities, pose a threat to national security.

Behind the scenes, immigrants who meet the characteristics have the advantage:

  • workable (for women - childbearing) age;
  • high professional qualifications;
  • no health problems (so that there is no chance to be dependent on the state).

The hardest thing to get a positive decision for older retirees.

After winning, you will need to spend on the following items:

Direction Amount ($) Note
Registration fee 330 Paid immediately before the interview at the consular section of the Embassy
Immigration Fee 165 After visa received
Certificate of no criminal record the amounts are different From every country where a person has lived for more than six months
Notarization of copies of marriage and birth certificates the amounts are different
Tetanus and rubella vaccination the amounts are different
X-rays of internal organs the amounts are different
Tests for the absence of sexually transmitted diseases the amounts are different
General medical examination the amounts are different
Apostille the amounts are different Official translation of all documents not compiled in English

To register, you only need digital photos of the candidate and family members (spouse, children before 21 of the year).

In case of winning, the application is accepted for consideration. After that, the applicant is sent a notification: date and time of the interview.

After that, you need to call back and clarify the list of required documents, but there is a basic package:

  • passport;
  • international passport;
  • application for permanent residence;
  • autobiography;
  • conclusion on the results of a medical examination;
  • reference:
    1. about vaccinations;
    2. no criminal record;
    3. conscription document (если есть);
  • evidence:
    1. about birth;
    2. o brake (about divorce);
    3. about the birth of children;
  • education document;
  • check for payment of consular fees.

How to avoid getting scammed

There are three basic rules, to avoid becoming a victim of intruders:

  1. There are no lottery officials.
  2. Registration is free.
  3. The results are absolutely objective, therefore, a promise to contribute in this matter is a sign of fraud
  4. No feedback. The organizers never contact the participant either by email, neither by phone.

However, you can use the help service filling out a questionnaire and registering an application

There are many such proposals, and here, too, you need to be careful.

How to fill out the form correctly

Prepare a questionnaire in English

It's important to do it without mistakes.. The order of filling must be followed, answer questions accurately

You can not provide false information, keep silent about underage children, even if they are from previous marriages. You can only submit one application from the applicant, if found, that there were several applications, then the applicant is suspended from participation in the lottery. The questionnaire must contain a photograph of the established type. For the application you need to take a photo, done no later than 6 months

note, what should look official in the photo

If everything is filled in correctly, then you just have to wait for the draw. The winner is selected at random.

Requirements for participation in the lottery

Almost anyone can take part in the drawing. Главные требования:

  1. Country, where the applicant lives must be on the list of states, admitted to participate in the DV-2022 Green Card Lottery. Если же она исключена, there are two possibilities to apply for participation:
    • If the applicant's husband / wife is from a country, допущенной к участию, then the form should indicate this country.
    • If both parents were born in a different state, и на момент рождения заявителя являлись гражданами другой страны (Допущенной к участию), you can indicate its country of residence.
  2. The participant of the drawing must have a document, подтверждающий наличие среднего образования либо его аналога. If there is no certificate - you must have seniority in the position, for which training duration of 2 of the year. Причём, experience must be acquired during the last 5 years old. You should check the conformity of your experience using the electronic database at:

What is Green Card Lottery?

Diversity Visa (DV) The Lottery Program is a program developed by the US Congress, в рамках которой ежегодно компьютерная система выбирает людей, who will be able to apply for an immigrant visa. Along with the man, winner of the Green Card, such a visa can be obtained by his closest relatives - an official husband / wife and children under the age of 21 of the year. The lottery is the easiest way to become a green card holder, reside and work legally in the United States.

The only official source, where you can find out the exact information and apply, is the lottery site - . Faces, those wishing to participate in the program, must meet certain conditions: be from a country, listed in the list of states, and also have a complete secondary education (or incomplete secondary, but at the same time graduate from a technical school or have at least 2 years of work experience in the last 5 years old).

The visa is indicated by the symbol DV (Diversity Visa) and the date of the year, to which it will be provided (eg, DV-2017). Applications are accepted throughout October of each year, and the lottery results are published in early May on the official website of the US Department of State.

Each year the lottery chooses 50 000 person, who will receive a Green Card. The winners are determined by a computer drawing with the participation of candidates from six regions of the world.

How to fill out a questionnaire yourself

To do this, go to the US government website and choose to participate in the lottery. Filling out the questionnaire yourself will protect you from criminals. Try to keep copies of your data, which you will contribute, because they should always be at your fingertips.

For getting USA green cards be sure to include information about your wife or husband and all children under the age of 21 of the year, as well as the children of your spouse, even when you don't live with them. Also worth considering, that you must have high speed internet, without breaks, because the application may be re-sent, as a result, the system will automatically delete it.

Two people - more chances to win the lottery

If you are married or married (legal marriage), it is better for you to take part in the lottery individually, which will increase the probability of winning.

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