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Baloto for dummies - how to play

It couldn't be easier, than pick six numbers from 45 possible. If you have all six numbers are correct, You will win the Baloto jackpot. The initial jackpot is 2 000 million pesos. If nobody wins the jackpot, then it will be added to the next game. Needless to say, that the amount can reach a decent amount after several draws without winners.

Revenge has a separate guaranteed jackpot - 500 million pesos. In this way, in fact, one set of numbers, submitted for one round, will give you access to two games. Although the jackpot "Revenge" is lower (near 172 000 dollars), it is still not a sum, which can be easily thrown away.

Baloto draws are held every Wednesday and Saturday. Tickets can be purchased on the day of the draw, but you will need to queue a few hours in advance.

Current District of Columbia Lottery Draw Games


DC-5 – game, Drawn twice a day in the style of DC and DC Lucky Numbers 4 with box bet and direct. It is played in the same way as Fifth Pennsylvania.

DC Daily 6

DC Daily 6 attracted once daily. It pulls out 39 numbers; bonus number drawn from abandonment 33. Bonus Ball does not apply to the main prize, which is 250 000$. Every game – two games for 1$. Cut for sales daily – 19:45; these tickets cannot be canceled.

Race 2 wealth

Race 2 Wealth (formerly known as Keno "District of Columbia") drawings every four minutes, from 6:00 to 1:00 daily. The main prize is 100 000$ to match 10 of these 20 drawn numbers. This game can be played at DC Lottery Retailers, who have a dedicated monitor.

Multi-state games

Hot lotto

Hot Lotto, MUSL game, offered 15 lotteries. it – drawn wednesdays and saturdays. Hot Lotto draws five "white balls", numbered from 1 to 47 and orange Hot Ball, numbered from 1 to 19. Jackpots start at 1 000 000$ (all-cash, and "taxes paid"; originally annuitized with cash pick), increasing by at least 50 000$, if there is no main prize winner. Games make up 1$ each or 2$, if "Sizzler" option is selected; the latter triples the prizes of the lower tier. Hot Lotto started in 2002; it was added to the DC Lottery portfolio in 2004.

12 May 2013 Hot Lotto Game added eight white balls and increased most of the prize money; eg, second prize has been increased from 10 000$ to 30 000$ (the Sizzler game can win 90 000$.)

Mega millions

31 january 2010 most American lotteries with either Mega Millions or Powerball started offering both games. DC Lottery added Mega Millions on the date of the cross sale expansion. The biggest Mega Millions jackpots were more than 650 000 000$.


FROM 1988 D.C. Lottery was a member of the MUSL, who created Powerball in 1992. His jackpots currently start at $40 millions. It's drawn on Wednesday and Saturday nights at Universal Orlando Resort in Florida.

19 september 2010 The DC Lottery has entered the wrong Powerball numbers into its computer system. Terminals read some losing tickets as winners, and. Lottery has revised its procedures, to prevent such mistakes from happening again.

31 january 2010 most lotteries with either Mega Millions or Powerball started offering both games. DC Lottery Added Mega Millions On That Date. The biggest jackpot in Mega Millions so far has been more than $640 million.

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