How to buy the American lottery

What American lotteries to play?

Before, how to buy a ticket in the American lottery, need to understand, that you should not expect a large assortment, e.g. compared to the number of European lotto. Among the most famous and largest lotteries in terms of their prize funds, can be noted Mega Millions and PowerBall.

Of course, there are other instant and mini-draws too., but they can't match on their jackpots and payouts. But in general, Americans are very active in lotteries, so you can even consider it their national game, on a par with American football.


As a comparison of the main prizes with domestic lotteries, стоит отметить, that the Powerball never dropped less 40 million, and the maximum reached 1,6 billion, which by the way was ripped off not so long ago, in 2016 year.

Sure, the payouts are fantastic, compared to that, that the state lottery of Russia, maximum plays 1 billion rubles 1 once a year in the New Year's drawing.

What are the rules?

In fact, the rules of all classic lotteries around the world are the same and differ only in some little things and nuances. In Powerball, you must correctly guess 5 numbers from 69 possible in the main field and 1 number (PB) in the additional field.

There is one more additional function in the ticket, which allows you to win in 2 times more. For this, after selection 5 main numbers, you can select the "multiplier" function. Naturally, should be understood, that the cost of the ticket in this case will be increased by 2 times.

How much can you win?

As you can see from the above table, the winnings are very solid, and most importantly - very often paid to players, what the official statistics and frequent jackpot failures say.

What are the chances?

Despite, that the chance of winning the jackpot is very small and amounts to 1 to 292 201 338, players from the USA and other countries, regularly prove that, that everyone can break it, and at any moment.

Needless to say, what in 2016 and 2017 the biggest jackpots were hit, throughout the history of this lotto.

As for more modest winnings, they drop out quite often and statistics show that, that everyone 4 player, at least beats off the spent ticket price. Winning up to 600 dollars, can be cashed out at almost any point of sale, in virtually every supermarket.

With regard to payments over 600 dollars, for them, you must contact the office of the organizing company. It will be problematic to do this on your own., especially considering the cost of the flight.

Mega Millions

Before, how to play the American lottery "Mega Millions", you must carefully study all the rules. The starting jackpot is 15 million dollars and from circulation to circulation is constantly increasing until that moment, while, somebody won't break the game. This lottery is less popular, чем PowerBall, therefore, the jackpot is hit much less often, because of which he often manages to grow to several hundred million.

As in the previous lotto version, each draw is drawn 5 numbers from 75 within the main field and 1 number from 15 as an additional ball. It is the correctly guessed additional number together with several from the main field, allow you to win large sums and jackpots.

Draws of both lotteries are held live, therefore, each user can find the broadcast on the Internet and in real time empathize with each ball dropped in the lottery drum. The only problem is, that due to the time difference, often draws are held late at night or early in the morning, based on the region of residence in Russia.

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