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An upward trend in the number of foreign winners: how do americans feel about it

For compatriots who like foreign lotto, I have two news.

  • The first is good: American lotteries online can be purchased from any geographic location, where there is internet access. If you have a desire to play and win, then you can easily find the opportunity to buy a ticket.
  • The second is not very good: American players don't like foreign competition. Especially, that they often "take away" large sums of winnings from under the noses of Americans. The dislike has grown to such an extent, that American Aboriginal players started to complain about luckier foreigners to government officials.

Sure, it didn’t affect the degree of luck, nor the possibility of purchasing tickets, but the fact remains. Before, how to play the american lottery, you must understand, that you are becoming a dangerous competitor for local players.

And this is good news - if Americans are seriously afraid of players from other countries, means statistics, celebrating an increase in the number of foreign winners, doesn't lie, means, each of us has a chance to win.

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