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Spanish lotteries can be divided into a separate subcategory due to the fact, that at the moment this country is leading in the number of Pan-European games, ie. games, played all over Europe. Это приносит стране больше 3 миллиардов в год, а игрокам — возможность испытать судьбу и навсегда изменить свою жизнь.

  • The Primitive
  • The Fat Christmas
  • BonoLoto

The Primitive

The lottery ticket consists of two blocks. In the first, you need to select numbers from 1 to 54, in the second - from to 9. The first section allows you to select 5 numbers, the second is only one. This number is called the return number and is key, because, guessing this number, you are guaranteed to get back the cost of the lottery ticket.
There are several categories of winnings. 45% the state receives from earnings on sold tickets, 10% goes to the refund of the cost of tickets, and the rest 45% amount spent on prize categories (22% – this is the jackpot, 33% divided among the rest of the winners).

The Fat Christmas

The drawing scheme does not change from 1812 of the year. A couple of lottery machines are used in the drawing. One of them contains 100 000 balls with serial numbers from 00000 to 99999. The second apparatus contains 1807 balls, marked with cash in euros. In the process of drawing, a couple of balls are drawn.
According to statistics, chance to recoup the cost of the purchased ticket - approximately 10%. Generally, this lottery is really one of the most profitable for players.


Maximum jackpot in 7 million euros cannot excite you? Do not hurry! There is more to Spanish BonoLoto, what you should remember

Although, it may not matter for the lottery, the most spectacular jackpot in the world, there is a possibility, that we can share with you several other unique qualities.

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