Ex-code (exmo code): what is it and how does it work

Where and how to exchange EX-CODE (buy or sell)?

Exmo EX-CODE created on the exchange can be easily exchanged in electronic exchangers, of which there are quite a few now, the main thing is to choose the most convenient for you, at the same time with a favorable rate and reliable (with a good reputation and user reviews). Among the most popular exchangers, which are in demand can be distinguished:

  • 60cek is a reliable exchanger with large reserves, where you can buy Exmo Code in rubles, euro and dollar, using most of the popular cryptocurrencies, payment systems (Yandex money, QIWI, Advanced Cash, Perfect Money), as well as directly from bank cards of such banks, like Sberbank, Tinkoff, VTB, Alpha Bank, Raiffeisenbank, Promsvyazbank, Russian standard, Rocketbank, Opening Bank, Avangard Bank, Home Credit Bank.
  • 24paybank is a reliable time-tested exchanger, where you can buy Exmo Code (BTC, USD, RUB) for cryptocurrency, through payment systems (Yandex money, QIWI, Advanced Cash, Perfect Money, ePayments), as well as from bank cards Sberbank, Tinkoff, VTB, Alpha Bank, Raiffeisenbank, Promsvyazbank, Russian standard, Gazprombank, Privat24.
  • Coinex24 is a fast exchanger with the ability to buy EX-CODE USD using cryptocurrencies, payment systems Yandex Money, QIWI, Advanced Cash, Perfect Money, Payeer and via Privat24.
  • Baksman is a large exchanger with a good reputation, in which you can purchase Exmo Code (USD, EUR, RUR, BTC, USDT, LTC, ETH, XMR, ZEC, XRP, DASH, TRX, XLM, EOS, XDG) using cryptocurrencies, payment systems (Yandex money, QIWI, Advanced Cash, Perfect Money, Payeer) and bank cards (Sberbank, Tinkoff, B&N Bank, Alpha Bank, Rosselkhozbank, MTS Bank, Home Credit Bank, Russian standard, Promsvyazbank, Ak Bars Bank, Raiffeisenbank, VTB, Gazprombank).
  • F-change is a fast and high-quality exchanger, where you can quickly buy Exmo Code (USD, RUB) using payment systems (Yandex money, QIWI, Advanced Cash, Perfect Money, Payeer) and for cryptocurrency.
  • Fehupay - a time-tested online exchanger, where you can buy EX-CODE (USD) from payment systems Advanced Cash, Perfect Money, and also through Privat24, from bank cards of Sberbank and Tinkoff Bank.

Consider below example, how to buy ruble EX-CODE through the exchanger (in the example, the exchanger is 60cek) from Sberbank card:

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How to use EX-CODE profitably?

This technology allows you to make deposits and withdrawals as quickly as possible.. It is most often used in exchangers. In many of them you can exchange your rubles or dollars from a bank account for the corresponding currency at Exmo. This happens as quickly as possible and without unnecessary commissions..

Replenishment EX-CODE

To replenish, you need to go to the exchanger and select a pair, eg, Sberbank USD / Exmo USD. After that, the algorithm of actions is the same, as with a regular cryptocurrency exchange. You will need to send money to the specified account and wait for the transfer. As soon as the money arrives at the address, you get the code.

An example of replenishment through the exchanger 24obmin.com.

To activate the code you need, as mentioned earlier, go to the wallet section and find the line EX-CODE. Next, you need to click "Replenishment" and enter the received code in the appropriate field. Money will be credited instantly.


For, to post funds, you need to create the code first. To do this, go to the wallet section and, opposite the EX-CODE, click "Withdraw". After entering the amount, the exchange will generate a code, which can be transferred to another user

It is important not to pass the code before, how will the money be received

When EX-CODE is created, you need to go to the exchanger and select the desired currency pair. The rest of the mechanism is the same, as in the previous paragraph. User, which will get your code, will be able to enter it on the exchange, after which funds will be credited to him.

At the end it is worth adding, that EX-CODE can also be used in AdvCash payment system. It is a convenient platform for fiat circulation, which allows you to replenish the balances of many exchanges, including Exmo. EX-CODE can be used directly in it, by entering it in the appropriate field on the site.

What is EX-CODE on the Exmo exchange?

In simple words, EX-CODE is the exchange's internal currency. With it, users can quickly exchange funds among themselves, as well as make deposit / withdrawal of funds.

Other exchanges have similar functions.. for instance, YoBit has special YoBit codes, by entering which you can receive a certain amount of funds to your account. However, the functionality of EX-CODE is much wider., since this technology allows you to replenish the balance on the exchange through exchangers. (find Ex-Code exchanger)

In order to use EX-CODE, you need to go to the wallet section and find the corresponding line at the very bottom of the list. Any user can create EX-CODE in any cryptocurrency and send to other users.

For, to activate the purchased code, you must enter it in the appropriate field on the site. After that, funds in the same amount will be instantly credited to the user's account, which another user specified, creating the given code.

Ex-code exchange

Often, when replenishing the balance with fiat currencies, you have to wait up to several days, until the money sent reaches the exchange through the bank transfer system and will be credited to your account. Exmo code is a great alternative. but, to replenish the wallet using ex-code, you need another party, which will sell this code.

There are two solutions: use the services of online exchangers or exchange Exmo codes with another person, who wants to make or withdraw money from EXMO.


Exchangers have a large selection of payment systems and banks, from which you can pay Exmo code. The most popular exchange directions are exchanging qiwi for Eksmo code or paying for the code through Sberbank. But besides this, many of them support Yandex Money., Visa and MasterCard, Payeer, Perfect Money, some Russian banks.

The advantage of this method is the exchange rate, which often passes automatically. Minus - high cost. Exchangers charge a commission for the purchase operation 5-7%, for selling Exmo code 2-12%. Below are some good exchangers.

Exchanger name Code currency Minimum amount for exchange Domain registration year
Kassa.cc USD, RUB 3 USD/152 RUB 2016
Magneticexchange.com USD, EUR, RUR 1 USD / 10 RUR / 1 EUR 2010
Payget.pro USD, EUR, RUB 5 USD/1000 RUB/5 EUR 2017
Ramon.cash USD, RUB 30 USD/1500 RUB 2018
Fastchange.me USD, EUR, RUB 10 USD/5000 RUB/10 EUR 2017
Topchange.cc USD, RUB 5 USD/500 RUB 2018

P2P exchange

At a more favorable rate, the Exmo code can be bought or sold to other clients of the exchange. but, there is not always a person, who is associated with cryptocurrencies and wants to withdraw the exact amount from the exchange, which you want to top up your balance.

To facilitate the search for an exchange partner, we have created a Telegram chat. There you can find a counterparty and agree on the terms. Usually such deals cost 2-3% of the total amount, and sometimes when selling the Exmo code, you can get a surcharge 1-3%. Transactions are made directly or with the participation of the guarantor.

Read the chat rules before getting started.

Now you know what the ex-code of the EXMO exchange is, how to create and activate it, where can you buy or sell it. Be careful when working on the exchange, successful investments.

How to buy EXMO code in exchangers?

The easiest option for users, assuming the minimum number of actions and complete preservation of confidentiality by the administration of resources.

However, exchanger conditions may vary.

Therefore, we recommend using the services of specialized services., focusing on the sale of EX-Code.

You are in the representative office of one of these exchange offices.

На нашем сайте EXMOкод купить for Qiwi and Sberbank quite easily. You need to choose the appropriate exchange direction, enter the desired amount in rubles, fill in the proposed fields and write to the operator. Exchange kiwi for exmo code.

Then it remains to transfer money and receive EX-Code in exchange for the required amount. The exchange process is simple. At the same time, we guarantee confidentiality.

Only customers and operators on duty know about specific transactions.

Contacting us is the best solution of all the proposed, and therefore his choice is fully justified.

Buy EXMO code via telegram exchanger.

You can buy EXMO and bitcoin through the exmo exchanger in telegram. Convenient interface, бот напишет что требуется от вас.

  • Write the amount you need.
  • Pay.
  • Get Exmo - code.

How to buy an EXMO code on the EXMO exchange?

This process consists of several stages.. The first step is to register and log in to the exchange., go to the "Wallet" tab, select the required currency, specify the amount and fill in other required fields for verification.

New account according to the rules of the service, during 3 24 hours does not have the right to withdraw money from the exchange.

Next, it remains to follow the instructions of the system and confirm the creation of the EX-Code.

This method has only one plus. It's about automatic request processing.

  • To create Exmo press the withdraw button.
  • Select the currency of the exmo code.
  • Specify the amount of the exmo code.
  • Press the button create Ex-code.

There are much more cons. First of all, this is a mandatory commission, component from 0.2% to 0.6%. Its exact value depends on the number of codes created per day..

Also not happy about the need to register. Especially if you need to maintain confidentiality.

Still, we tend to buy through the btc-bank24.com exchanger or telegram bot.

How to fund the EXMO exchange using EX-CODE

The first step is to decide from which system we will transfer funds. These are currently available on the Bestchange website:

  • WMZ
  • WMR
  • WMU
  • Yandex money
  • Perfect Money USD
  • Perfect Money EUR
  • PayPal USD
  • PayPal RUB
  • Advanced Cash USD
  • Advanced Cash EUR
  • Payeer USD
  • Payeer RUB
  • Skrill USD
  • Payza USD
  • OKPay USD
  • Sberbank
  • Alfa-Bank
  • Tinkoff
  • ВТБ24
  • Privat24 UAH
  • Visa / MasterCard

Go to the Bestchange website using this link, to create an application. There is a table on the left side, in the column "Give back" select the system, with which you will replenish the exchange. On the right side "Receive", in any case, select Exmo USD. In our version, the Exchange will be Sberbank - Exmo USD.

With the right to update the list of exchangers. The higher the exchanger, the more profitable the exchange rate.

We choose the right one for ourselves, on reserve, according to reviews, by the minimum amount of replenishment and click on the name of the exchanger. The website of the exchanger opens, indicate the amount of replenishment in rubles (we have a method of replenishment through Sberbank), check that the exchange is Sberbank - Exmo USD, enter mail, Full name of the sender of funds (name card), card number, with which there will be replenishment.

On different exchangers, you may be asked for a photo of the card in the background of their exchanger, registration on the site, you can do it or go to another exchanger. These are protective measures, for check, are you the owner of the card or not.

Website design can be any, but your data is almost the same.

After filling in all the cells, click on the exchange button. The page with the confirmation of the application has opened. Create an application.

Next page opened, with requisites. Any exchanger will have exactly the same, you must follow the instructions, which is attached to the order. If specified, that you need to specify some text in the comment, then copy everything you need.

We go to the Sberbank online and transfer funds to the specified details, after that go to the exchanger website and press the button, that you paid for the application. During 30 minutes you will receive an email with EX-CODE.

Best EX-CODE exchangers

In the second case, special exchangers will help you quickly and profitably cash out EX-CODE. There are more than 10 of them., but i want to stop at 4.

I mentioned earlier, that EX-CODE can be used for profitable withdrawal of funds from the EXMO exchange. Exchangers will help us to carry out such monetary transactions without commission.. In addition to the lack of a stock exchange, there is another plus of using these services - bonuses.

When withdrawing funds from the exchange, I use the exchange direction "Rubles > Qiwi». I encrypt a certain amount with an EX code, then I sell the code on the exchanger and receive an amount with interest on Qiwi (from 1 to 5%)). When outputting in this way 1000 p., I earn extra money on Qiwi from 10 to 50 rubles, depending on the exchanger.

ALFA-TRADES. Самый выгодный обменник, working with 2014 of the year. When exchanging EXCODE (RUB) on Qiwi the bonus is + 5%. Commission on poison 0%.

EX-CODE.RU. The exchanger was created by a user of the EXMO exchange known as Paltorasych. I use this particular service. Exchange bonuses offered:

  • EX-CODE (RUB or UAH) > Qiwi: + 4%;
  • EX-CODE (RUB or UAH) > POISON: + 3%.

When outputting more 3000 rub on VISA / MC there is a bonus + 2% (p. 6).

MONEYCAT. At the time of this writing, the kiwi bonus is 2, 6%. MoneyCat exchanger is convenient for residents of Ukraine, so how can EX-CODE be output (UAH) on Privat24 no commission.

IEREMIA. Another exchange service with a small bonus: + 1%. Allows you to exchange EX checks (RUB) of Kiwi, and MC / VISA cards.

How to make Exmo code yourself

For this, open your account, go to the wallet tab and near the currency, which we want to convert to Exmo code, click on the "Withdraw" button.

On the new page, select EX-CODE among the output methods on the left.

Fields will appear on the right, some of which must be filled.

  1. The first window indicates, how much money is available for withdrawal from the exchange. If you have more money in your wallet, what is available for withdrawal, it means that limit orders are placed somewhere.
  2. In the next window you need to enter the amount, which we want to convert.
  3. In the third window, the exchange will show, how much money is converted into the Exmo code minus the commission 0,2%.
  4. The next window shows, what will be the balance for this currency after, how the Exmo code will be generated.
  5. This window shows, how much money can an exchange convert into an Exmo code.
  6. In this field you can specify the recipient's exchange login. If such an ex-code is received by a stranger, he will not be able to use it.
  7. When all the fields are filled in, click on "Create EX-CODE".

Then we open our email, where the confirmation email should come.

Click on the top link and go to the exchange website, which will inform, that the operation is confirmed, Exmo code created.

A letter will come to the mail, reporting that, that the Eksmo code was created, and containing it. The character set specified there must be copied, transfer to the recipient.

Also, the history of wallet operations will receive a record of the generated ex-code, containing the withdrawal date, currency, output size, other information.

Where to buy Lisk?

It is very easy to buy LSK for USD on the EXMO exchange, just a few steps to take:

Log in to EXMO or create an account, if you don't have it;
Go to the "Wallet" section of your personal account;
Select USD currency and top up your balance;
Go to the "Trades" page, select LSK / USD in the list of currency pairs;
Scroll down to “Buy LSK” and “Sell LSK”;
Select order type: Limit, Market or Stop:
Use the Market order (Market order), if you want to instantly buy or sell LSK at the current market price (presently 1 LSK is 1.86 USD). This order does not require additional settings.

A limit order is a buy order (or sale) LSK by specific, more favorable price

Buy limit order is executed only at the specified maximum price or below, and the sell limit order is executed only at the specified maximum price or higher.

Stop order is a pending order for automatic buy or sell operations, which is performed according to previously established restrictions in order to make a profit and (or) minimization of possible losses.

Fill in the fields "Amount" and "Price" (pay attention to the transaction fees).
Click the "Buy" or "Sell" button.

Easily, truth? Now you know, that buying Lisk and exchanging US Dollar for Lisk are available to all users. You just need to understand a little.

Russian Ruble Ontology Gas exchange service, created for your convenience.

EXMO is a reliable cryptocurrency exchange with a high level of security of funds and data and the fastest technical support, which reacts within 15 minutes 24/7. Customer care is the top priority of the EXMO team.

EXMO platform, where you can exchange ONG for RUB, was founded in 2013 year and has offices in London, Kiev, Istanbul and Moscow. EXMO is one of the largest exchanges in Europe in terms of attendance, ONG trading volume and liquidity.

Easy-to-use platform interface will be convenient for beginners, and for professional traders. The platform uses TradingView charts, which contain all the tools and data, necessary for a trader for technical analysis when trading with Ontology Gas or Russian Ruble.

Go to the platform, buy / sell Ontology Gas and store Ontology Gas in EXMO multicurrency wallet.

What is Exmo code (Ex-code) and what it looks like?

EX-CODE (also called Exmo Code, Exmo Code) Is the internal currency of the Exmo cryptocurrency exchange, which is used to quickly replenish an account on the exchange, as well as withdrawing funds outside of it and subsequent exchange for any other assets or for exchange between users.

In simple words, Exmo Code is an exchange voucher of a certain denomination, convenient for exchanging funds between users of the EXMO exchange, а также наиболее выгодный вариант для вывода денег с биржи на счета платежных систем и банковские карты через обменники, которые принимаются EX-CODE.

EX-CODE можно создать в любой доступной на бирже Эксмо валюте или криптовалюте (eg, в долларах, рублях, гривне, биткоине, эфириуме и т.д.).

Внешне EX-CODE выглядит так: EX-CODE _ 566684 _ RUB55sd87fsd57499inr9 (только без пробелов, при этом в нём сразу видно, в какой он валюте создан. В этом примере Эксмо Код создан в рублях – RUB, но может быть и в USD, BTC, ETH и в других валютах или криптовалютах).

EX-CODE состоит из 57 characters (различные латинские буквы буквы верхнего и нижнего регистра + цифры). Ввиду такого размера он надежен и подобрать его не возможно (возможны миллионы комбинаций).

Лимиты и комиссии при использовании EXMO Кода

При создании Эксмо Кода в любой криптовалюте, доступной на бирже, комиссия не взимается.

При создании EX-CODE в фиатной валюте (ruble, гривна, dollars, евро и т.д.) действует такая комиссия:

  • При создании до двух кодов в сутки комиссия = 0.2% (от суммы кода).
  • При создании трех и более кодов в сутки комиссия = 0.6%.
  • Активация EX-CODE в своём аккаунте проходит без комиссии (актуально для фиата и криптовалюты).

Максимальная сумма при создании Эксмо Кода = 20 000 USD (или эквивалент в другой валюте).

10 преимуществ Exmo

It is worth noting, что за небольшой период существования биржа Exmo вошла в топ лучших торговых площадок по обмену криптовалютой. Биржа значится во всех перечнях центров мониторинга обменных пунктов. Система сочетает 3 вида услуг: онлайн bitcoin-кошелек, обменный пункт и торговая площадка.

Простой интерфейс. Юзабилити Exmo – одно из самых важных для начинающих трейдеров преимущество. Простой интерфейс позволяет на интуитивном уровне понять, как приступить к работе, провести операции обмена, ввода и вывода средств.

Многоуровневая защита данных. Высокий уровень безопасности сервиса – это многоуровневая система защиты, созданная на основе протокола SSL, двухфакторной аутентификации, доверенных IP адресов и зашифрованной системе холодных кошельков.

Низкие комиссии по сделкам и обмену. Биржа не берет процент за сделки, but there are fees of payment systems. Exmo commissions start at 0.5 % on exchange operations, input and output. As part of the marketing loyalty program, promotions have been developed “Days without commission”. There is also a Cashback function for refunds, paid as a commission back to the trader's account.

Large list of trading instruments. The trading platform offers all possible currency pairs for work. You can trade in all directions. Forecasting, graphically presented courses, perfect order system and much more. There is a referral program - 25% of the referral's transaction amount.

Working with all types of currencies. You can work on the exchange as with fiat currency (ruble, dollars, euros), so with cryptocurrencies (bitcoin, lightcoin, dogcoin, give, epherium).

Withdrawal is made in 2 click. It is enough to enter the required amount and wallet number (or other information), to which you need to withdraw funds. Existing restrictions on the minimum amount of withdrawal of cryptocurrencies:

  • bitcoin - 0,01
  • lightcoin - 0,5
  • dogcoin - 300
  • give - 0,1
  • epherium - 0,1

Ability to generate Exmo wallets. Можно завести кошелек Exmo для каждого вида криптовалюты, просто нажав на кнопкусформировать”. По удобству и защите сервис не уступает блокчейну и биткоин коре. Удобно проводить мгновенную конвертацию.

Удобный раздел для новичков. Биржа имеет интуитивно понятный интерфейс и подсказки внутри системы, что позволяет новичкам в трейдинге чувствовать себя комфортно и уверенно. Для опытных трейдеров подготовлены сложные инструменты для совершения выгодных сделок, включая кредиты, стоплосс, шорт, трейлинг стоп и др.

Круглосуточная служба поддержки. Техническая поддержка работает 24 часа в сутки, все вопросы решаются оперативно. В системе также есть круглосуточный чат между трейдерами, где начинающему игроку также можно попросить совета.

Юридическая защищенность и прозрачность. Биржа является легальным местом для проведения торговых операций. Она действует на основе текущих норм российского и испанского законодательства. Юридический отдел постоянно отслеживает новости и изменения, касающиеся вносимых на рассмотрение законопроектов о криптовалюте.

Как активировать EX-CODE на бирже Эксмо?

После покупки EX-CODE или при получении его от другого пользователя его можно активировать в своём кошельке на бирже Эксмо и автоматически получить средства с него в свой биржевый кошелек. Последовательность действия такая:

В личном кабинете биржи Exmo переходим во вкладку «Кошелек» в меню сверху и на отрывшейся странице находим строку EX-CODE, в которой кликаем на кнопку «Пополнить».

На открывшейся странице в строку ввода кода вводим EX-CODE и нажимаем кнопку «Загрузить EX-CODE».

Средства с данного кода сразу поступают на баланс кошелька на бирже Эксмо (проверить можно, вернувшись на страницу кошелька, средства будут отображаться на балансе валюты или криптовалюты, в которой был EX-CODE, а также данная операция отобразится в истории, в самом низу страницы биржевого кошелька).

Как обменять EX-CODE?

Чтобы обменять средства, сохраненные на EX-CODE, на любую другую валюту, недоступную на EXMO, воспользуйтесь услугами онлайн-обменников:




































be careful! Подобные сервисы запрашивают комиссию за свои услуги – размер комиссии надо уточнять в каждом конкретном случае.

А также, помните: мы не можем гарантировать безопасность работы с любым сторонним сервисом, который предлагает услуги обмена EX-CODE на крипто- или фиатные валюты.

Следите за обновлениями, которые происходят на платформе EXMO, на сайте в разделе Новости, через официальные каналы Telegram, и ВKонтакте.

С полезной информацией о криптовалютах и торговле на бирже можно ознакомиться в блоге и на Youtube-канале EXMO.

Спасибо, что остаетесь с нами!

Вывод с биржи EXMO с помощью EX-CODE кодов

С помощью EX-CODE можно выводить не только рубли, dollars, но и криптовалюту, предложенную на бирже.

Вам достаточно создать EX-CODE в любой криптовалюте и передать кому-либо или вывести в фиатные деньги с минимальными комиссиями.

Приведем пример с выводом USD на рублевую карту. Так как прямой вывод USD на карту имеет бешеные комиссии на вывод мы воспользуемся EX-CODE, создание и передача средств с помощью EX-CODE осуществляется без комиссий.

Мы можем выводить и рубли с помощью EX-CODE на карту сбербанка, как вам будет удобнее, можно хоть эфир на карту сбербанка с помощью этих кодов.

so, создаем USD код EX-CODE. Переходи в раздел «Кошелек» и опускаемся в самый низ таблицы, на против EX-CODE нажимаем «Вывести». Выбираем валюту для вывода, сумму и нажимаем создать EX-CODE.

Далее если у вас стоит 2FA, попросит ввести ключ, затем появиться сообщение, что инструкция выслана на почту.

Переходим на почту, подтверждаем вывод средств, откроется страница с EX-CODE. Также EX-CODE будет выслан на почту.

Теперь нам нужно найти обменник, который переведет нам наши денежки на карту или куда либо еще. Для этого нам понадобиться сайт Bestchange, переходим на него, выбираем с левой стороны в таблице EXMO USD, а в правой свою систему, у меня это Сбербанк.

Далее выбираем с правой стороны обменник, обычно я выбираю самый первый. Но смотрите, чтоб минимальная сумма вывода соответствовала этому обменнику.

После нажатия на обменник, открывается сайт самого обменника, тут мы выбираем EXMO USD – Сбербанк.

Далее вводим сумму, на которую создали EX-CODE, карту на которую нужно перевести деньги и вашу почту. Нажимаете кнопку «создать заявку».

Теперь в указанное поле вставляем созданный EX-CODE, он у нас есть на почте, если забыли где он. И нажимаем кнопку «Оплатить».

Теперь ожидаем ваши средства на вашей карте. Зачисление до 3х рабочих дней. Советую вывод делать в начале недели, если сделаете перед выходными, платеж может зависнуть до следующей недели, так как выходные в банке на выходных))

Если остались вопросы, задавайте!

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