European lotteries in Russia reviews

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Description of popular euro lottery

Most of all, our compatriots love to play Euromillions, EuroJackpot and Viking Lotto, therefore, these lotteries will be discussed further. Sure, these are not all games, available to Russian citizens.

There are also less promoted national European lotteries., which we will analyze in more detail in another section of the article.


This is one of the most popular European lotteries. Draws are held in 00.00 by Moscow time (in 21.00 Greenwich). Details on the dates of the game can be found on the intermediary's website. What else you need to know about Euromillions:

  • Ticket sales end in 1.5 hours before the start of the draw;
  • The game is played according to the formula 5/50 (basic rates) and 2/11 (additional rates);
  • One bet is worth 2 euros;
  • The results of the draw can be found on the intermediary website.


This lottery appeared only in 2012 year, and is considered one of the youngest European games. Despite, that the size of the cash prizes here is quite modest, EuroJackpot runs are equally popular with Europeans, than Euromillions. Details of the drawing:

  • The game takes place on Tuesdays and Fridays, in 00.00 by Moscow time (in 21.00 Greenwich);
  • The formula of the game is similar to Euromillions: 5/50 (basic rates) and 2/10 (additional rates);
  • One bet is worth 2 euros.

Viking Lotto

This lottery is less known in Russia than others, but our compatriots also love to play it. What you need to know about Viking Lotto:

  • Draws are held on Wednesdays (the exact time must be checked on the intermediary website);
  • Formula of the game: 6/48 and 2 extra balls;
  • One bet is worth 0.7 euros.
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