How to claim your prize

My million


Total des gains Online
Until 99 The gains are paid directly to your online account.
Between 100 € and 500 € The winnings are sent by check to your address.
Between 501 € and 9 999 € Winnings are paid by check once the form has been completed.
More than 10 000 € Prizes must be collected in person at the National Lottery Headquarters in Dublin. A check will be presented once the prize has been validated.
Total des gains Authorized retailer
Until 100 € Smaller winnings must be claimed at any authorized lottery ticket retailer. Some retailers may also pay earnings up to 2 500 € if funds are available.
Between 100 € and 15 000 € Visit any lottery claim center across the country to collect your winnings.
More than 15 000 €

You must go to the lottery headquarters in Dublin to claim your winnings. You can also claim smaller winnings by sending your ticket by post * to the lottery headquarters.

If you won the jackpot, le gain Match 5+1 star or maximum EuroMillions prize pool, or more than 500 000 €, call immediately 01- 836 4444.

EuroMillions players in Ireland have 90 days to claim their winnings.

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