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Breakdown of EuroMillions prizes

Correspondence % funds from the pot Odds of winning Lowest amount of the lot Highest amount of the lot Average prize amount per draw Lowest Amount Winners Winners of the highest amounts Average Winners Per Draw
5 + 2 50% 1 at 139 838 160 17 000 000,00 € 190 000 000,00 € 59 501 591,35 € 2 0,2
5 + 1 2,61% 1 at 6 991 908 64 840,10 € 5 227 531,10 € 422 836,78 € 17 3,5
5 + 0 0,61% 1 at 3 107 515 7 000,00 € 969 918,10 € 60 700,70 € 36 8,3
4 + 2 0,19% 1 at 621 503 309,80 € 9 956,60 € 3 196,61 € 8 172 42
4 + 1 0,35% 1 at 31 075 61,30 € 266,30 € 163,94 € 249 3 119 823
3 + 2 0,37% 1 at 14 125 23,10 € 179,30 € 102,53 € 517 6 898 1 838
4 + 0 0,26% 1 at 13 811 21,50 € 91,90 € 56,86 € 630 5 668 1 846
2 + 2 1,3% 1 at 985 8,40 € 31,10 € 18,91 € 7 338 98 958 26 263
3 + 1 1,45% 1 at 706 7,40 € 20,30 € 14,06 € 12 558 116 308 35 976
3 + 0 2,7% 1 at 314 6,40 € 17,30 € 11,74 € 29 444 221 456 80 571
1 + 2 3,27% 1 at 188 4,40 € 16,50 € 10,01 € 38 881 486 402 136 819
2 + 1 10,3% 1 at 49 4,30 € 11,10 € 7,69 € 181 198 1 438 780 512 210
2 + 0 16,59% 1 at 22 3,20 € 5,30 € 4,30 € 488 245 2 959 529 1 145 546

The figures were calculated using the results drawn between the 27 September 2016 and the 21 August 2020.

The table is updated after each draw to reflect the latest EuroMillions results.

This column indicates the percentage of the jackpot allocated to each prize. The 8,6% remainder go into a separate prize pool, called Booster Fund (the booster fund), which serves to ensure the guaranteed minimum jackpot of 17 millions €. EuroMillions sometimes holds special draws, called Superdraws, with a guaranteed minimum jackpot of 100 M €, thanks to surplus funds from the Booster Fund.

The 50 % jackpot allocations apply to the first five serial jackpot draws only. After the first prize has been rolled over five times in a row, the allowance for "five numbers and two stars" is lowered by 42 % until the jackpot is won. The 8 % who remain go to the booster fund, which ensures that the reserve pot receives 18 % funds from the 6th serial jackpot draw until the jackpot is won.

The lowest and highest amounts for each price category, except the jackpot, are based on individual winning tickets.

The value of the lots for correspondence 5 + 2 lucky stars represent total jackpot amounts without taking into account the number of winning tickets that there were

All prize data in the above table relates to EuroMillions lottery draws since 10 May 2011 when the number of lucky stars has increased from nine to eleven digits and a new prize category has been introduced. These details are provided for information only and are not representative of the future value of prizes..

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Funding of earnings

EuroMillions winnings are funded by proceeds from ticket sales. A percentage of the money you spend to participate in the game helps fund the winnings (this percentage is fixed at 50 % in the nine participating countries). The rest of the profits being distributed among charities, commissions to be paid to retailers and costs and profits paid to the organization in charge of the lottery.

All countries keep half of the money raised to pay the winners nationally. The other half is pooled in a centralized fund and redistributed to the winners once the results are confirmed. This method ensures that all players will receive the same amount regardless of the country where they played. The only exceptions are the UK and Switzerland (who use a different currency) and for which a formula involving the exchange rate is used.

Breakdown of revenue in France

When you play in France, the cost per line is 2,50 €. However, the price of participation in the main EuroMilions draw costs only 2,20 €. The 30 remaining cents are donated to the My Million side draw. This sum is used to pay the winnings of 1 million euros for each draw.

Étoile + is another related game that you can play in France. You have to pay an additional 1 € per line and this supplement is used to finance the winnings. If you win at Star +, you will pocket both winnings. for example, if you win 9 € to EuroMillions for finding two good numbers plus a lucky star, plus 2 € on to Star +, you will recieve 11 € au total.

Go to the Étoile + page to find out what proportion of the background is allocated to each category.


In Belgium, each participation in EuroMillions also costs 2,50 €. For this price, you get a combination of numbers for the main game and a code for the My Bonus draw. Most of this sum (2,20 €) allows you to play EuroMillions. The 30 remaining cents are used to fund My Bonus winnings, which allows hundreds of players to win something with each draw. The Belgian Joker + can be played in conjunction with EuroMillions, but you have to pay extra 1,50 € and the fund for earnings is separate.


A EuroMillions ticket in Luxembourg costs 2,50 €. It includes participation in the main game and in Extra Lux (allowing you to earn up to 100 000 €). The sums collected are distributed in the same way as in other countries : 30 cents used to finance the winnings at Extra Lux and the rest for EuroMillions. You can also play Joker in addition to EuroMillions for 2 € additional per line.


The EuroMillions iOS app has been built to provide a first-class user experience. Take a look at some of the great features that make this app the only one any EuroMillions player needs.

The latest verified results

See the latest EuroMillions results first. The winning combination is displayed in the application immediately after verification by our specialized team, which guarantees both the accuracy of the results and the speed of their delivery.

In addition to the winning numbers, you will be able to consult the complete distribution of earnings, showing you the amount allocated to each rank. You will also know how many players have won and if the jackpot has been hit or rolled over.. You will also be able to see the results of complementary games such as My Million de France.

Customizable notifications

Use customizable notifications to configure the application according to your specific needs. If you only play EuroMillions on Fridays, for example, you can choose to only receive notifications about Friday results. You can also set up jackpot alerts to be the first to know when the EuroMillions jackpot reaches a certain amount or if it has been rolled over a certain number of times.

Multiline ticket checker

Save all your combinations and check them all at once with the Multiline Ticket Checker. You will see all your winnings for each ticket separately as well as the total amount won with all the combinations entered. You can also exclude the draws in which you have not participated. This function is very useful for player unions and for those who play several combinations in each draw..

Combination generator

Use the application's Grid Generator to create a row of random numbers to participate in the next draws. When you buy multiple tickets with a random combination from a reseller, you are obliged to keep the first combination assigned to you. This is not the case with this generator : you can generate several combinations before choosing the one that interests you.

EuroMillions results history

Use the app to view's results archive. You will even find the very first print dating from 2004 and the winning combinations of all subsequent EuroMillions draws as well as the results of the complementary games.

Language support

EuroMillions app for iOS is available in Chinese, English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italy, Russian, Polish and Swedish.

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