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How the family lives now, broke the jackpot

Published by: Leo 15|07|2016 || Views: 4267

Tennessee-based couple John and Lisa Robinson won the popular US Powerball lottery in January this year $528 million. The lump sum payment for the win was about $328 million. Reported, that the husband purchased four lottery tickets at the request of his wife in a store near their home, one of them turned out to be the prize. Then the happy Robinsons told, that they are going to stay and live in their old house in the town of Manford, and Lisa has no plans to quit her job.

John Robinson with his wife Lisa (second from left to right) and daughter Tiffany (left) receive a check at the Tennessee lottery headquarters, 15 january 2016 of the year

However, six months later, the journalists found out, that the lifestyle of the winners has changed.

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