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Lottery history

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The history of the origin of the lottery leads to the ancient origins of human civilization. According to scientists, one of the first mentions of the manifestation of a peculiar form of lottery are ancient Greek myths, which says, that the warriors took turns pulling stones from the golden helmet, one of which gave the right to a duel with Zeus, what it meant to be able to live or die with honor.

Almost at the same time, the birth of the first forms of lottery takes place in Ancient Rome and China.. IN 100 a lottery was organized during the reign of the Han dynasty in China, reminiscent of the Keno game. Facilities, proceeds from its holding, were used to defend the country, and primarily to finance the construction of the Great Wall of China.

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A resident of South Estonia gave to scammers 150 000 Euro as “tax on lottery winnings”

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Recently, a resident of South Estonia fell victim to scammers. The elderly man gave 150 000 Euro for receiving lottery winnings. Previously, such deception took place mainly by email or SMS.. This time the scammers used regular mail, writes Delfi.

Photo: Sven Arbet

For reliability, the rogues were covered with the trademark of the famous electronics company Sony, the names of people associated with this enterprise, and in general were quite convincing: the company allegedly raffled off the main prize in the amount of 1,9 million.

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Advertising: Christmas LOTTERY at Rahva Raamat!

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We are happy to take care of interesting and beautiful gifts for every taste, which can be found in our store in Narva! Puzzles, toys, educational games, modern gadgets, fiction books and encyclopedias, hobbies and philosophical works, coloring pages for adults - all this and much more you will find here.

But there is more: from 1 by 29 December every buyer, whose check will be 15 euro and above, becomes a participant in the Lottery!

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