Games that pay real money (without investment)

Trade accounts via transfer

The essence of making money on this method is to purchase accounts on Russian servers with a subsequent transfer to European, Asian or North American. The prices of services and the cost of the game itself vary greatly depending on the region.

If a good character on the Russian server can be bought before 500$, then a character with similar characteristics in North America will cost at least three times more.

You don't need to look far for examples:

  • Russian account store on the official server
  • North American Account Store

If there is a client base abroad, this method can make a lot of money (5-8 thousand dollars monthly).

In addition, you can not buy a character, and rock it yourself. If you do this on an ongoing basis, then it is better to order your own website and periodically hold promotions there for free receipt of characters.

This will significantly expand the client base and increase potential profit..

Disadvantages of the method:

  • Ability to analyze the quality of the acquired character (sets, level, reputation, etc.)
  • The need for large investments at the start-up stage
  • Низкая ликвидность товара

What we recommend to do and what to play to earn money

Note, what's our little list of games, where you can really raise money and then safely withdraw it into real life will not impress you, but do not rush to leave the site page. We have a small offer, but it's good and if you do everything right, that time, spent in the game with the necessary minimum of invested finances, would be a good investment.

And so for all newbie gamers, who fly in the clouds and dream of mountains of gold and big money in online games, we'll upset them a little. But we guarantee, that you will receive good amounts for sure, and it will seem significant to you, if you are a freshman or high school student.

Disassemble in order, Star Ghosts is a real project almost without investment, you just need to invite your friends to fill the required level with the conditions fulfilled and 1500-2000 You can receive rubles every month. Next up is the serious browser game Astrolords, where in the review we described, how can you make money on it. After all, there, with a monthly subscription in 6$ after six months of hard work you can get 500-600 dollars. And they, who from the very beginning in this thread can boast of astronomical amounts.

And so, who doesn't want to invest too much, and has 10+ hours a day of free time, then we offer a unique client game Entropia Universe. It is in her that a huge universe, where almost absolutely everything can be exchanged for money from other players in need. But to come to real conclusions, which you will not be ashamed to tell your friends about, oddly enough, it is necessary to understand the main aspects and make an initial investment, but here the level of the gamer must be high and the player must be savvy in economic matters.

And in the end, we recommend the golden mean in the face of Astrolords, which, with the right approach and initial investment of money, will allow you to withdraw significant amounts in the future.

Game and server selection

Now, when we figured out the main opportunities for earning money in MMORPG, move on to the most important thing - the selection of a suitable game and server.

If we want to get the maximum profit, then, first of all, you need to follow the trends. Earn a lot by playing the first ultim, will fail. First of all, the players have already earned everything themselves, and secondly, online server rarely reaches 500 man on main server.

To select a popular game in the Russian-speaking segment, I use this portal. On it you can find information about:

  • Average number of players on servers;
  • Game time costs;
  • The dynamics of the popularity of games at the moment.

The final information is displayed in the form of a digital rating, assigned after analysis. In principle, you can already navigate on the basis of the main figure - online.

If you are determined to work exclusively with American servers, то зарубежный аналог – (closed) shows the most complete information about each game. Moreover, here you can find information about a specific game Realme.

When choosing a game, I am guided by its novelty. The newer the game, the more money you can earn at first. If good games don't come out for a long time, then I switch to the standard bundle of games in the Top10 ratings, namely:

  • World of warcraft. Despite, that in the past few years the developer company has been losing its audience, on the basis of players from several million users, it is quite possible to build a good business and live comfortably for more years 5-10;
  • Lineage Due to the large abundance of grind and farm, either "fanatics" enter this game, or those, who is ready to spread evergreens right away. Prices are much lower here, but the clientele is more willing to buy even not very good things / accounts.
  • Neverwinter. Game, top. To begin, perhaps, worth, that an army of fans of the setting began to form in more than 30 years before the game was released.
  • Old republic. She disappears and returns to the top. For a person who decides to climb with the help of an MMORPG, it is interesting for its prices. Here is the most expensive donat, and accordingly, with the least effort, you can earn several times more. The only problem is the brutal control by the owners. And man, once seen for trading in-game items for real money, will be banned forever.

After choosing a suitable game, you need to start selecting servers. First, all game realms should be divided into pirated and official ones..

  • Paid for official game time, but content is available that may work abnormally in any other emulators. Since the contingent on the official server is initially solvent, then the prices for goods are higher here. Most often, the server administration allows you to legally acquire small gaming benefits for real money. Any other trade (including services) for real is severely persecuted. It is because of this that the Internet is full of sites., selling gaming benefits
  • Pirate. The game on such realms is completely free. But on the other hand, some of the content may not work out or work not quite correctly. Making big money on such a server is hard enough, because of the contingent itself (schoolchildren or people who do not want to invest in digital entertainment). But due to the lack of a monthly fee, such earnings can be suitable for bot breeders, or as a launch pad for paying for the first playing time on off servers
    • There are Blizzlike servers (Likeanoff in other franchises), who try to reproduce the atmosphere of the official servers as accurately as possible;
    • Fan servers. They are distinguished by high pumping rates and complete chaos. They are usually unsuitable for earning..

It's not worth bringing servers for all games, so I'll write about those, on which he worked:

  • Sirus Сирус сервер — собирает у себя аудиторию постарше, nostalgic lovers
  • Pandawow Программисты в команде стараются поддерживать макс работоспособность нового контента
  • Aldoran Warkeeper аналог
  • l2mirage La2 топ пиратский Сервер
  • Mmorpg-onlinegames Aion топ пиратский Сервер

Well, after a little promotion, it is better to move to the official servers. The average cost of a monthly game subscription varies between 10-35$ per month. So that in an unproductive month I do not remain at a loss - I run bots on pirate servers, who farmed the necessary resource and made it possible to recoup the subscription.

The ability to make money without investments especially pleases beginners, or people, have no free investment funds.

My advice: start from pirate servers, and after the promotion already go to the official.

Let's take a closer look at each of the types of earnings.

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