Countries eligible to participate in the us green card lottery 2017 year for dv-2019

How much is the us green card in 2020 year, ways of obtaining

Competition stages

After submitting the application, you must wait for the moment of the drawing. In this case, at the end of the registration of the questionnaire, each is assigned a unique number, which must be saved before summing up the results. This combination will help you find out, have you become a winner and holder of a Green Card.

If luck smiled, you must contact the embassy and schedule an audience day. It is recommended to collect a package of documents in advance, so that a situation does not arise, в которой претендент не в состоянии предоставить какое-либо подтверждение из-за проволочек.

After meeting with the consul, the candidate is sent to await a response, however, it is not worth waiting for a message too quickly. Usually, the minimum decision-making period is about two weeks, and the maximum – не более пяти месяцев.

How to win a Green Card, video

If you are a winner, send the identification number to the embassy, received at the end of filling out the questionnaire. The email address will be indicated in the information field about the results of the win. After that, you just have to wait for an invitation for an interview..

If, based on the results of the interview, you received a positive decision, a visa will be put into your passport, на въезд в США. Кроме этого вам выдается запечатанный пакет Immigrant Packet. It contains documents, which you will give to the customs service upon arrival in the USA. The package cannot be opened, instead, you will be given a temporary Green Card.


As already stated, participation is free, but, though, you will have to pay various fees:

  • Registration fee - $300, paid before the interview starts.
  • Consular fee for a visa - $165, paid after the interview.
  • Payment of expenses for medical examination - prices depend on the medical institution where you will undergo medical examination.
  • Ticket and Initial Set Up Costs - Housing, food.


The interview is a necessary procedure for all applicants. Held at the embassy. The procedure is quite complicated, requires preparation.
Before the interview, you must undergo an examination at an authorized medical institution (list on site) diplomatic missions. After passing, a sealed envelope is issued, it will need to be presented at the embassy.

The decision can be reported immediately, maybe through 1-2 days, документы доставят по вашему адресу. О нюансах проведения собеседования можно прочитать в нашей статье «Как пройти собеседование».

How the green card is played?

Annual program US Immigration Visa (DV Lottery), также известная как Грин Карта США выдаёт иммиграционные визы США лицам соответствующим простым, but strict selection criteria, путём Компьютерного розыгрыша и Случайного выбора победителей Иммиграционной Визы США.

Visas are spread across six geographic regions, the largest number of visas is allocated to regions with a lower level of immigration. For citizens of those countries, immigration exceeded more than 50.000 immigrants to the United States over the past five years, no visas are issued this year. In each region, no country can obtain more than seven percent of the available US Immigration Visa (USA Green Card) within one year.

Stages of the DV lottery- 2021

The lottery from registration to obtaining a visa takes about a year. Sure, not all participants will reach the final, but the winners will be able to realize their American dream.

Registration of participants

Means, DV – 2021 can be expected in October 2019 of the year. From now on you can apply. It is not difficult to do this if you have at least basic knowledge of the English language.. Unlike the complex form DS- 160, which must be filled in to obtain a visa, here you only have to answer a few fairly simple questions, specifying the required amount of personal information about yourself, place of residence, education and upload a photo that meets the requirements. Be carefull, leave a statement only on the official lottery website, avoid phishing resources.

How to apply

IN 2019 year will play 50 thousand green cards, говорится на официальном сайте госдепартамента.

You can fill out the questionnaire only on the website:

note, чтобы сайт имел расширение именно .gov, так как иногда мошенники создают фейковые сайты с расширением .net, .com и другими

Есть подробная инструкция по заполнению анкеты на английском языке от организаторов лотереи.

Remember, that participation in the lottery is free. You don't have to pay for registration, not for filling out the questionnaire, not for anything else until then, until you win. It is also strongly discouraged to use the services of intermediaries.: simple questionnaire, available even for people with a minimum level of English, filling takes about 20 minutes.

As soon as you start filling out the form, you will have exactly 1 time, to enter all the information. If you are late, you will have to start over.

You must include your current spouses in the profile, even if you don't live together, and children up to 21 of the year. Besides, each of the spouses can fill out the form separately. This will increase the family's chances of winning.. More about, how to indicate relatives in the questionnaire, читайте в материале ForumDaily.

The photo for the questionnaire must be taken within 6 months before submitting the questionnaire and showing, how do you look right now. Подробное описание требований к фотографии можно найти в нашем материале. Besides, здесь можно подогнать ваше фото под нужные пропорции.

IMPORTANT: После того как вы заполните анкету и нажмете кнопку Submit ("Send"), you should receive a notification, which will indicate the confirmation number. You definitely need to save it - you won't recognize it without it., won the green card or not

Timing of the quiz

When the Green Card Lottery is considered, many potential participants are confused by the timing. Information is often found on the Internet, that the drawing of the Green card 2018 will be held this year. This statement is somewhat erroneous..

The thing is, that the immigration quiz is tied to America's fiscal year, and not to the usual - calendar. Last fall, the registration of questionnaires for 2018 year. Hence, in 2018 year their "american dream" will be able to perform those, who registered in 2016, but for people, who will be registered in 2017, the american dream will come true in 2019 year.

Traditionally, applications for the Green Card will open in the fall - in October or November. Every year at the beginning of autumn, information on the registration start date appears on the official website. To the reception, opening of the Green card lottery 2018 started 4 October last year. Based on this, one can assume, what is immigration quiz 2019 will start at about the same time, but this year.

Benefits of owning a Green card

Many are surprised, why people are so eager to win the Green card lottery, after all, you can move to the United States using the standard visa procedure. It's simple. The owner of the Green Card receives many undeniable benefits, среди которых:

  • The ability to enter and leave America without risks and rejections;
  • The possibility of legal employment in the United States;
  • The right to do business, create companies of shareholders, etc.. P.;
  • Opportunity to get an education in any educational institution in America;
  • Eligibility for an educational assistance program;
  • The opportunity to study at a college or university on more favorable terms from a financial point of view (training for cardholders is several times cheaper, than for ordinary foreign students);
  • The possibility of obtaining American citizenship five years after moving to America;
  • The right to receive social benefits. retirement privileges, if the holder of the Green Card has worked in the country for ten years;
  • The ability to legally own movable and immovable property, but only so, which US citizens can have;
  • Ability to travel without visas across states, with whom America has entered into a certain agreement.

Nonimmigrant visa

This document allows you to live in the States for a long time (up to about a year). Moreover, upon expiration of a nonimmigrant visa, it can be extended. In this case, a foreign citizen has the right to obtain an American driver's license, individual tax number, health insurance and other important documents, and also gets the opportunity to work in the USA.

There are several types of such residence permits.:

1. College Student Visa, University or a student of a private school (F-1). This document allows you to legally live in the country for the entire period of study or no more than one year (when this period ends, visa can be extended).

2. Immigration visa for a businessman (L1). Obtaining this document is possible, if a migrant opens a company in the United States. Moreover, the company should not be fictitious. (the American authorities will actively monitor her work) and is obliged to bring money to the state

It is important to correctly draw up documents (it's better to use lawyers). This visa allows you to live in the United States for three years

This time is enough, to apply for a Green Card.

3. Worker Immigration Visa (H-1B). This is a visa for professional specialists with an appropriate diploma and work experience. With this permit, you can enter for temporary employment in the United States. After three years, the migrant has the right to apply for a Grand Card.

4. Refugee immigration (Asylum). Note, that this method does not always work. American authorities are demanding enough, in their country they want to see only promising foreigners, that can benefit the economy. Therefore, not every refugee will be able to live in this state for a long time.. To understand, how realistic are the chances of issuing such a visa, it is recommended to study the main provisions of the Geneva Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees, adopted back in 1951 year. Select the item, which is most suitable for a specific situation, and based on it, collect a package of documents.

5. Marriage with a US citizen or green card holder. Working method, but fraught with many nuances. So, upon marriage, a foreign citizen receives conditional status. This allows him to reside in the United States for 2 years old, but the American authorities are serious enough about fake marriages (that is to those, which are for the purpose of obtaining citizenship). Therefore, constant family checks during this period are inevitable..

Certainly, these methods of legal residence in the USA are not cheap. On average for registration, translation of all documents and payment of the consular fee (if it is not about marriage) to spend from 2 thousand dollars and more. Moreover, after the expiration of the visa, it will have to be renewed again, and this procedure is also not free.

Green Card Privileges

  1. Get in and out of the USA with ease.
  2. Can you get a job in this country.
  3. You can open your own business.
  4. You can use the educational assistance program, controlled by the US government.
  5. You, as a Green card holder, you will pay three times less tuition fees, than foreign citizens.
  6. You will have the chance to obtain US citizenship through 5 years old.
  7. You will be eligible for retirement benefits, if you work approximately 10 years before retirement.
  8. You will be able to legally acquire movable and immovable property, as well as firearms.
  9. You can cross country borders without obtaining visas, if the US has an agreement with them.

Detailed map of the administrative divisions of the United States

Your benefits are not limited to this list. You will be eligible for government grants and will be exempt from export restrictions. You will not have voter rights, which are only possible for citizens of the country. But as the owner of a temporary residence permit you can apply for American citizenship after 5 years old. Optionally, you can stay on the card status for life, without applying for citizenship.

Green card is unlimited, and if you do not break the law and do not leave the country for a long period, you have the right to keep this status forever.

How to participate in diversityvisalottery?

Annually, registration starts presumably in the last days of September or early October. The timing is also different. for instance, in 2013 year, the lottery lasted a whole month - from 2.09 to 2.10, and in 2017 Total 5 days - from 3 by 7 October.

To take part in the drawing, you must fill out a questionnaire in English on the website It includes some simple data:


· Дата рождения,

· Пол,

· A place, country of birth and residence,

· Семейное положение,

· Информация о супруге (if married),

· Информация о детях (если есть),

· Специальная фотография​.

You can register on the US Department of State portal absolutely free

But you need to pay attention, that the questionnaire is filled only ONCE. Re-registration receives an automatic participant disqualification

Also, a refusal can occur in the following cases:

· грамматические ошибки в заполняемых данных;

· неправильный перевод на английский язык;

· оформление фотографии не соответствует требованиям;

· отсутствие обязательных сведений.

Research by the Statistics Division of the American Department of State showed, what more 35% questionnaires are excluded from the lottery due to mistakes. The same problem is observed among Russian participants. The number of disqualified questionnaires is 42%. therefore, we recommend that you be very careful when filling out the data.

Instructions for filling out the application

To fill out the form for participation in the Green Card drawing, you must visit the site The main problem for Russian users is that everything is in English.. It is possible to translate the necessary information, but in this case, the risk of getting broken and awkward text increases.

To begin with, each user of the Internet service will have to read the instructions, located at It is also filed for readers only in English - the only official. truth, it is possible to familiarize yourself with the basic provisions of the instructions in the following languages: Spanish, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Singal, Turkish, polish, Romanian, Bulgarian, Portuguese, italian, Khmer, Tamil. If desired, to fill out the questionnaire correctly, you can use a step-by-step video instruction.

Registration on the site itself is completely simple, and takes no longer 30 minutes

At this stage, you should pay attention to the following nuances

The application form must be completed and sent in time 30 minutes, otherwise the page will be reloaded and all entered data will be overwritten.
During the lottery, each participant is allowed to send the form only 1 time.
Registration in the system is free, and the consular fee for obtaining a visa will be required only for the winners and their family members. By the way, it is equal 330 dollars.
Even those people can try to acquire a "green card", that they live in the United States, but not on a permanent basis (the form should indicate not only the place of actual residence, but also the place of birth).
Regardless of whether, where exactly the applicant's official spouse lives, information about him must be indicated in the registration form. This rule does not apply to widowers.
Sisters, brothers and parents are not indicated in the application.
Person, did not provide reliable information on at least one of the points of the form, disqualified even if you win. Exception - people, who got married or gave birth to a child after submitting the form.
In case of compliance with the specified requirements, члены семей имеют право подавать собственные заявки

Важно уточнить, что если жена получит Грин Карту, аналогичное удостоверение появится у её детей и мужа.

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