Countries eligible to participate in the us green card lottery 2017 year for dv-2019

USA green card | green card lottery 2020 year

When to serve?

Those wishing to accept participation in the drawing green cards must send applications for the DV-2020 program in electronic form at, starting at noon (EDT) (GMT-4) on Wednesday, 3 October 2018 of the year, and no later 12:00 (IS) (GMT-5) Tuesday, 6 November 2018.

The State Department recommends not to delay the application. Last week, usually, registration site is in the busiest mode, which can lead to delays. The same can be said about the early days. As we said earlier, last year, the first applications were canceled, and the reception time was shifted due to a system bug. Everything, who sent them during this period, got the opportunity to reapply. Be sure to follow any updates on the green card, until the application process is over.

The one who is late is late. IN 12 hours 6 November reception will be closed, do not try to send your applications after that and do not forget, that registration is only available online, paper applications are not considered.

Remember! The law only allows one application per person per year. Re-forms will be disqualified until the next draw..

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